Friday, February 21, 2014

the family that plagues together...

...stays together?

I experienced every parent's nightmare this week: a gastrointestinal bug. It started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and I was certain I was facing imminent death. Jon was a champ, rubbing my back and changing out barf bags. I'll spare you the remaining gory details. But trust me, they were gory.

All I could think about was my very real fear that one or both of my guys would come down with the hell I was living. I heard Elden cough at one point during that night and hoped for the best.

As morning broke and Elden woke up for the day he kept letting out "oh no!"s. Jon went in and sure enough my little guy had barfed all over his crib and it had long since dried up. How he slept through and in that I don't know, but I feel awful that he did. Jon said he'd stay home from school since clearly Elden was not going to be able to go to daycare. He gave him a bath and took him down for saltines and some water to see how he would handle it. Within minutes Elden was running around and his usual morning person self. After about twenty minutes with no reappearance of the crackers Jon gave him a banana and decided it was probably safe to take him to daycare and head to school.

Wish I bounced back like that.

By that afternoon I had yet to keep even a sip of water down and finally decided to head into the ER for some fluids. I got 2 IV bags along with some anti-nausea medication and it helped a ton. Unfortunately, I still wasn't much better by Thursday so I took another day off work to continue my recovery. Late last night, the bug struck Jon. It has been an ugly, depressing few days in casa de flip. I loaded up on Lysol and Clorox wipes today and have been disinfecting everything like a madwoman. I'm about 95% better but my stomach is still unsure about food. I'm praying Jon bounces back quick like Elden and not like me. In any case, I can mark this down as the worst illness I've probably ever experienced (which is actually a pretty big blessing all things considered) and pray it's remains the worst illness I'll ever experience!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


In his 18th month of life Elden experienced his first ever stomach virus. Yesterday morning he woke up saying, "oh no! oh no!" and when Jon went in (...I had the same exact stomach virus but 180459x worse) he had barfed all over his crib in the middle of the night. He bounced back like a champ and was running around all day. Elden can now say semi-sentences: feel better, thank you, love you, how are you, got it, go! go! go!, here ya go, no no, hey dude, hey bro. Each day I feel like he picks up an infinite number of new words. He LOVES the snow and being outside more than life itself. He also loves brushing his teeth, his Berlin bear from Tilo and Karla, eating just about everything in his path, and reading his books with us. On Monday he will be graduating to the toddler room at daycare and I think Jon and I are going to cry when that happens. Elden is as stubborn as ever but is also a total lover and wants nothing more than to "wock" (rock) in his rocking chair with one of us right before bed. He's around 29 lbs and 33.5" tall (I think) but we'll know for sure when Jon takes him for his well visit today.

Monday, February 17, 2014

still here

I'm normally not one of those huge winter haters, but this winter has me salty. No pun intended.

It just feels endless. The days are short and it's stupidly cold and everything outside is dead and my creativity croaked with it. I sense warmer days ahead (no seriously; supposed to get into the high 40s at the end of this week) and with that I hope to reignite my passion for writing. In the interim I leave with no apologies. I am napping and cuddling with my guys and finding joy in other ways. I will be back, I'm sure, and in the meantime I still lurk my favorite blogs.

I post regularly to instagram so that's a good way to keep up with us if you're curious for a peek into our day-to-day lives.

See you when the trees begin to bud :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014


The couch... oh my LAWD, the couch! Heavenly would be an appropriate adjective. I love it more and more with each sit.
It's important to note that the furniture store has this thing where they give you a balloon to hang on your mailbox the day of the delivery to help the drivers find your house much easier--basically the most ingenious/simplest thing to do. If you have the balloon displayed when the drivers arrive you get a $50 off $100 purchase coupon. We hung our balloon (we need a floor lamp desperately - have you noticed that torn paper lamp in a slew of my photos?) that morning and lo and behold, Jon realized it must have blown away about an hour before they were set to arrive. We are po' and not ones to let fifty dollaz blow away into the wind, so my man's inventive spirit shone bright like a diamond:
Newspaper bag. Plan B: Condom.
With all the Dylan Farrow shaming/blaming/sketch that has been going on, the ever-talented Suzannah wrote with grace and beauty something I could not put into words. Please take a few minutes to read it here.

We were running errands today and Elden attempted to pick out his own Valentine's gift:
Sorry, Bub. $40 and the size of our living room? Not happening.
Lately Elden has been crazy cuddly. I get to "wock" (Elden-speak for rock) with him in his room for a good 15-20 minutes each night before bed and I soak it up like it's my job.

We heard from Squaretrade that our good camera is too expensive to repair so they will be refunding us the full purchase price. We've already found our replacement (a Samsung!) and I am so excited about it. We're waiting to pull the trigger on it until our tax return arrives, which is supposed to be Monday. Hopefully I will start taking good pictures again once we have it.

Elden refused to eat his dinner last night... until I busted out some chopsticks. He kept stabbing his chicken with them and they worked like a charm. Go ahead and throw that in your picky toddler repertoire. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

couches, tables & kitchens

Jon and I have been on somewhat of a buying spree lately thanks to seeing what our federal tax refund will be. In all honesty, we haven't even spent 1/5th of what we will be getting back and we plan on putting the remainder in savings for the time being. In any case, the purchase I was most excited about was a couch!

We haven't gotten it delivered yet, but this is the style (not color) of what we went with:
Broyhill 6442-3, {image source}
We got a steal thanks to a Groundhog Day special and the fact that our couch was an as-is special order that the customers who ordered it decided they didn't like. We got it in a darker gray color and I cannot wait for its delivery on Thursday!

We also made an online IKEA order. Since their online shipping is generally expensive but is a semi-flat rate, we got several items including a new rug for Elden's room. Along with the rug and some smaller items (curtains, stacking cups, etc.), we ordered the fabulous LÄTT $20 table and chairs. Elden was so excited that he was quickly mimicking me as I assembled it. He's been sitting at the table on and off since I put it together yesterday afternoon.
Finally, we bit the bullet and bought him a nice play kitchen. We decided to splurge a bit on the kitchen since we wanted it for future kids and we may even save it for eventual grandkids (although with my purging tendencies I will be shocked if I am willing to hold onto it for that long). It was quite the ordeal to put together and I'm pretty sure I put at least five things on backwards at various points and had to go back and fix them. The assembly on this beast is not for the faint of heart and after about 3.5 hours it was finally complete. Today I feel like I competed in an Iron Man I'm so sore. It was totally worth it when Elden saw it this morning, though, and he's been playing with it nonstop since.