Sunday, February 2, 2014

couches, tables & kitchens

Jon and I have been on somewhat of a buying spree lately thanks to seeing what our federal tax refund will be. In all honesty, we haven't even spent 1/5th of what we will be getting back and we plan on putting the remainder in savings for the time being. In any case, the purchase I was most excited about was a couch!

We haven't gotten it delivered yet, but this is the style (not color) of what we went with:
Broyhill 6442-3, {image source}
We got a steal thanks to a Groundhog Day special and the fact that our couch was an as-is special order that the customers who ordered it decided they didn't like. We got it in a darker gray color and I cannot wait for its delivery on Thursday!

We also made an online IKEA order. Since their online shipping is generally expensive but is a semi-flat rate, we got several items including a new rug for Elden's room. Along with the rug and some smaller items (curtains, stacking cups, etc.), we ordered the fabulous LÄTT $20 table and chairs. Elden was so excited that he was quickly mimicking me as I assembled it. He's been sitting at the table on and off since I put it together yesterday afternoon.
Finally, we bit the bullet and bought him a nice play kitchen. We decided to splurge a bit on the kitchen since we wanted it for future kids and we may even save it for eventual grandkids (although with my purging tendencies I will be shocked if I am willing to hold onto it for that long). It was quite the ordeal to put together and I'm pretty sure I put at least five things on backwards at various points and had to go back and fix them. The assembly on this beast is not for the faint of heart and after about 3.5 hours it was finally complete. Today I feel like I competed in an Iron Man I'm so sore. It was totally worth it when Elden saw it this morning, though, and he's been playing with it nonstop since. 

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