Thursday, February 20, 2014


In his 18th month of life Elden experienced his first ever stomach virus. Yesterday morning he woke up saying, "oh no! oh no!" and when Jon went in (...I had the same exact stomach virus but 180459x worse) he had barfed all over his crib in the middle of the night. He bounced back like a champ and was running around all day. Elden can now say semi-sentences: feel better, thank you, love you, how are you, got it, go! go! go!, here ya go, no no, hey dude, hey bro. Each day I feel like he picks up an infinite number of new words. He LOVES the snow and being outside more than life itself. He also loves brushing his teeth, his Berlin bear from Tilo and Karla, eating just about everything in his path, and reading his books with us. On Monday he will be graduating to the toddler room at daycare and I think Jon and I are going to cry when that happens. Elden is as stubborn as ever but is also a total lover and wants nothing more than to "wock" (rock) in his rocking chair with one of us right before bed. He's around 29 lbs and 33.5" tall (I think) but we'll know for sure when Jon takes him for his well visit today.

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