Friday, February 21, 2014

the family that plagues together...

...stays together?

I experienced every parent's nightmare this week: a gastrointestinal bug. It started in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and I was certain I was facing imminent death. Jon was a champ, rubbing my back and changing out barf bags. I'll spare you the remaining gory details. But trust me, they were gory.

All I could think about was my very real fear that one or both of my guys would come down with the hell I was living. I heard Elden cough at one point during that night and hoped for the best.

As morning broke and Elden woke up for the day he kept letting out "oh no!"s. Jon went in and sure enough my little guy had barfed all over his crib and it had long since dried up. How he slept through and in that I don't know, but I feel awful that he did. Jon said he'd stay home from school since clearly Elden was not going to be able to go to daycare. He gave him a bath and took him down for saltines and some water to see how he would handle it. Within minutes Elden was running around and his usual morning person self. After about twenty minutes with no reappearance of the crackers Jon gave him a banana and decided it was probably safe to take him to daycare and head to school.

Wish I bounced back like that.

By that afternoon I had yet to keep even a sip of water down and finally decided to head into the ER for some fluids. I got 2 IV bags along with some anti-nausea medication and it helped a ton. Unfortunately, I still wasn't much better by Thursday so I took another day off work to continue my recovery. Late last night, the bug struck Jon. It has been an ugly, depressing few days in casa de flip. I loaded up on Lysol and Clorox wipes today and have been disinfecting everything like a madwoman. I'm about 95% better but my stomach is still unsure about food. I'm praying Jon bounces back quick like Elden and not like me. In any case, I can mark this down as the worst illness I've probably ever experienced (which is actually a pretty big blessing all things considered) and pray it's remains the worst illness I'll ever experience!

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