Thursday, March 27, 2014


Since Elden will be twenty months in exactly one week I figured now is probably a good time to post his 19-month update. We've been dealing with some big time separation anxiety at night--but just with me. Elden will scream and hold on for dear life as soon as he feels me laying him down. I will leave him in tears and then Jon will come in to comfort him and as soon as Jon lays him down.. not a peep. This is great except for the nights that Jon has class or closes at work and I'm left to fend for myself. Last night Elden only screamed for a few minutes and Jon didn't have to go in at all so I'm hoping we're outgrowing this phase. Two of Elden's second molars have popped in so just two more and we are DONE with the teeth! His vocabulary is still growing like crazy, he still loves to eat, and his current favorite book is Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. We read it at least three times per day. He also thinks all cars are blue and we think this book is why. Speaking of cars, they are Elden's absolute favorite topic of conversation and he loves pointing out cars, especially "BIG car!" to you. We bit the bullet and bought our first ever minivan this week and Elden is absolutely crazy about his new big car. In addition to telling us, "NO!" all the time, Elden has added a head nod to his body language which is a nice change of pace. He loves giving you kisses on your nose and cheek, saying "hi!" over and over, and helping me in the kitchen. Even though this age certainly has its challenges, I'm pretty wild about all the cuddles and love my big-little guy bestows upon me.

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