Friday, April 25, 2014

big changes

Jon is 8 days from graduating as a B.A. (badasssss)

Or a Bachelor, if you will.

Or a theologian!

..summa cum laude, I might add. My husband has the smarts!

His impending matriculation has naturally evoked many "what next" questions from the masses.

Long term, he'd love to be a professor. That, however, means a Master's degree followed by a Doctorate which would probably require relocation from the fine state of Ohiya. And also... a lot of ca$h money that is hard to come by at this point in time. He was also advised by a professor to take a year off to really study for his GRE to greatly increase his chances at a scholarship and/or graduate assistance ship, so a few months back we knew he'd likely be taking the year off.

Then I got pregnant and we realized just how insane daycare for two shorties would be. In order for it to be worthwhile for Jon to have a full-time job that even breaks even with full-time daycare for a toddler and an infant, he would basically have to be making at least $35thou gross. And that's to break even. We aren't going to be negative nancies (yes we are), but the odds of him finding something in his field to even break even was unlikely in this area. Furthermore, we kind of didn't see the point in just breaking even, and you better believe he is unlikely to find something making $40+ thousand gross at this point in time.

It was with this analysis that we made the decision he would work as a full-time stay at home Da for a little while until we figure out some of our longer-term goals. Since I had elected the max contributions for my DCA for the year, we figured Jon would keep working at Men's Wearhouse (and hopefully pick up more hours this summer) and keep Elden in daycare so we could get the DCA elections back. Lately, however, Elden has really been struggling with drop-off and it had us a tad concerned that there was something going on there. While we are incredibly skeptical that is the case, it was enough to evoke a conversation about whether we should just cut our losses (about $3k for the year) and have Jon continue to only work weekends so we could pull Elden from daycare.
photo credit: my dad
I did some research and reached out to our benefits coordinator on a long shot, hoping Jon's graduation would count as a Qualifying Life Event so we could change the DCA contribution to $0 for the remainder of the year. Nothing is official as it has to go through a director and such, but we were told it will likely be approved so we aren't throwing away a few (much needed) thousand dollars. Relieved doesn't begin to scrape the surface of what I'm feeling. So that's some of the bigger news: Jon's job will definitely be challenging, but so good for our family. I hope to pester him into writing a guest post on the way the Church views men as stay at home parents (we've talked about it and I love his perspective on things) and he has even alluded to a desire for writing a book on the topic. He's even said something about starting a blog! But I'll only believe the latter when I read it...

I love my husband, the stay at home B.A.

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  1. Go Jon! As another family where the husband sometimes plays stay-at-home dad, we have seen the really positive impact it's had on our kids (especially Leo). Dave feels much more connected to them than if he were working and Leo has really thrived with that close relationship with Dave. And Dave has gotten closer to Kate in a way he probably wouldn't have either. It just makes our family more connected and invested in every way.