Monday, April 14, 2014

no ordinary night

the face of a boy with no naps
Yesterday was one of those days of parenting that makes all the challenging moments worth it. The weather was a glorious 70+ degrees and we spent a solid 5-6 hours  outside during the day. Jon and I got a lot of yard work done and Elden got a lot of energy out. All that excitement was not conducive to Elden's typical 2-hour afternoon nap. Usually this would be classified as a 'challenging moment' but he was, on the whole, in a decent mood. When it came time for bed (about an hour and a half earlier than normal, I might add) we did our typical bath/lotion/jammies/book/rock routine, but this was no ordinary night: Elden fell asleep in my arms. Within five minutes of rocking and singing "sun-sine" [Eldenism for the song 'You Are My Sunshine']. As I was rocking him I felt his big eyelashes batting away on my arm, his head to my chest. After a few more verses I realized I hadn't felt his lashes move in a while. Surely he wasn't asleep--this hasn't happened in ages, especially not this easily. I paid closer attention to it--nothing. I continued to rock him in silence for another ten or so minutes because bliss. I also feared the attempt at lying him down. He pretty much always wakes up when I transition him from my arms to his crib.
This was no ordinary night.
His limp little body fell perfectly onto his pillow. His eyes did open for a moment and made contact with mine. I whispered goodnight, that I loved him so and I would see him in the morning. Behind his pacifier was a little twilight smile, as if this mama in front of him was a sweet dream. I quietly left the room in awe of what I just experienced.
It continued into the darkness of the morning when the cat (as always) awoke him with her mews at 5:50. Knowing he was likely not ready to wake up for the day (and also hearing the tell-tale plop of his pacifier on his hardwood floor followed by his desperate 'faci-firrrre' cries) I crept in the darkness, handed him his beloved paci, and scooped him up. We sat and rocked for about ten minutes as he constantly readjusted his position until he was comfortable. Every few minutes I would ask him if he wanted to go night night and was met with a "no" as he rubbed my arm with his little fingers. By the fifth attempt he quietly nodded and I laid him back down.
As he rapidly approaches two I know not to take nights like last lightly. My baby has rapidly evolved into a little boy--even this morning I swear his face lost some of its baby-ness--and before long he won't want to snuggle up to his Ma.


  1. Those moments are so wonderful! I am happy that you realize how fleeting these are because there was a time that I didn't and I did not cherish them so :( My mom once told me that every stage in a child's life is simultaneously sad and joyous. Enjoy those snuggles mama!