Friday, April 4, 2014

nursery inspiration

For the Pumpkin's nursery I am really feeling neutral earth tones and woodland creatures. Just to clarify what I mean by 'woodland creatures' I am thinking foxes, deer, bunnies, etc., and NOT the "trolls" that came to mind when I first mentioned the idea to Jon. Bless his heart. We went to Home Depot yesterday and picked up some paint swatches for both the baby's room and Elden's car room. Unfortunately, Jon wasn't crazy about anything I picked out for Elden's room so we're back to square one for that. We haven't tried the browns in the nursery yet but that's partially because I'm still torn about whether I want to paint the woodwork white (which will affect whether we do faux wainscoting like in our half bath).

Image sources:
{1} - I think I can totally DIY something like this

I'm not sure how this will ultimately pan out. I love the deep brown color for the walls but the room is already pretty small so I'd hate to make it feel smaller. But looking at that inspiration board just relaxes me and makes me feel like I'm outside. Perhaps the reason I want this is because the winter was so brutal and I just want that promise of summer? Whatever the case, I think this is the general direction we'll head. We're hoping to reuse Elden's crib for the baby and transition him to a twin bed, but we aren't planning on trying that until this summer. Time will surely tell...

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