Thursday, April 24, 2014


This bouncing boy is four months from two and when did that happen? He is stronger willed than ever which is both a struggle and a joy. We can't help but laugh when a series of questions are answered methodically with a "no" and we throw in a "do you want any candy?" and he smiles sheepishly at us and switches his tune to "yes" - at least he is actually listening to our questions. This month included his first Easter egg hunt, an insane amount of new words, and his ability to blow bubbles on his own. Elden's three favorite things right now are playing outside, bubbles, and cars. He is getting better at telling us what he wants each day although when he is tired he will get very upset with you if you give him what he asks for.. or doesn't ask for.. or in general. He loves reading with you and when you let him turn the pages for you. He also loves helping us in the yard with his little wooden rake and watering himself the plants. Elden can play on a scooter mostly unassisted (the three wheel ones, anyway) and daycare told me how impressed they were with that (humblebrag) yesterday. This boy is mischievous but adds color to our days and we are so blessed to call him ours.

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