Friday, May 30, 2014


We've being doing lots of fun things over the past two weeks and have been making lots of changes around the house in anticipation of Pumpkin's arrival.

I may have gone a little spray paint happy...

Elden got to experience his first parade ever on Memorial Day, and let me tell you.. homeboy was a superfan.
When I asked him what his favorite part of the parade was, he excitedly proclaimed, "hores!" - Eldenism for 'horns.' I might also add that he was yelling out that lovely phrase the whole parade and it elicited some funny looks from our neighbors.

Jon has been making serious progress on cleaning out the guest room/nursery during Elden's naps. He was able to move the bed up to the attic, so all we have left in that room are the wardrobe (which we will probably have to destroy to remove) and the TV stand (which is far too heavy for me to help him carry).
doesn't look like much, but progress.
guest bed's new home
Finally, this week marked a few other firsts for Elden: first popsicle(s) and first bike!
He's equally a fan of both.

Next week is the anatomical ultrasound and Jon and I are celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary (note to self: fruit/flowers anniversary). Our anniversary snuck up on both of us so we aren't doing any gifts this year, but we are going to do a little getaway at some point--a babymoon/anniversary trip, if you will. I'm hoping to have the nursery entirely emptied by the end of next week so that we can start painting. It might end up being Elden's big boy room because when we redo his we're planning on buying him a twin bed and dresser and putting it in there for him--if he transitions okay we'll just keep him in there. I'm so excited to be making progress on prepping house for our newest family member so you will definitely be getting updates on that as we go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

18 weeks

Week: 18.
Baby is the size of:  A bell pepper.
Weight gain: Up about 4 pounds from my lowest first trimester weight
Cravings: Dave's Cosmic Subs. Always. Why must you be so far from me, Dave!?
Sleep:  Still good on the whole, but last night I was restless.
Movement:  Still the occasional kick right behind my belly button, but the movement is nothing compared to what Elden was doing at this point. Jon felt the baby move for the first time this week, though! Just one itty bitty kick that was timed perfectly.
Symptoms:  Honestly, not much. Here's some TMI for ya: my nipples are reallllly sensitive in an irritated kind of way. A few times I've grazed them in the shower and it is brutal. That never happened with Elden. Jon and I both think I'm not showing very much for 18 weeks, but looking at that picture makes me question that. Other than that, the second trimester continues to be kind to me.
Happenings:  We picked the names, as you're well aware! Still no middle name for Nohl, have one for Edith. Our anatomy ultrasound is in two weeks and we're really excited about that. We bought all the paint for the kids' rooms and have started cleaning out the nursery-to-be. I also went through and organized all of Elden's old baby clothes and am getting ready to sell a ton at our street's yard sale this weekend. We bought a coming-home outfit for a boy and girl and realized they are both way too large (0-3 months) after comparing them to Elden's coming-home outfit (newborn) so we need to redo that whole thing, although I refuse to get rid of either outfit we already bought because I am in lurv...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

proud mama (big boy bed)

Yesterday I got this text from Jon:

I'd be lying if I said I didn't panic a little. I've heard the child-getting-out-of-bed-for-3-hours horror stories of conversion from crib to toddler bed and read several of the "don't do it until you absolutely have to/keep the kiddos in the crib unless they are crawling out of it" articles. I know how these things go.

I texted at nap time to find out how it went. "He's been asleep for a little over an hour." (he ended up sleeping for 3) When I asked if he kept getting out of bed: "Not even once." After his nap, Jon let him sit in the bed, awake, for 10 minutes to see what he did. Elden stayed put! It wasn't until Jon went in that he got out.

Bed time was a teeny bit rougher--Elden cried when I left so Jon went in to comfort him. That being said, Elden didn't chase after me and he's been crying when I leave at night pre-conversion anyway. Elden slept through the night, didn't get out of bed once, and again waited until I came into his room this morning to get out of his big boy bed.

I do have to document this as well since it was freaking adorable. When we first went in his room last night, Elden kept saying "cat sleep bed!" He was sitting on his bed and kept pointing to it and insisting the cat sleep with him. She, naturally, had no desire to come within ten feet of the child, and boy did that make him sad. He loves his kitty!

Since the bed conversion went so well (thank you, sweet baby Jesus) we decided to buy Elden a twin bed. We're going to wait until the kids' rooms are all done before we do that, but I am so relieved we won't be the owners of two cribs come October...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

pumpkin's name(s)

The moment you've all been waiting with baited breath for has finally arrived! (sarcasm font) What is our name choice if this little Pumpkin is a girl?

.......................................... anticipation!

And what about if this little Pumpkin is a boy?


As it happens, Nohl is a family name, but we had no idea when we picked it. Truman was our second choice. Edith is not a family name. It was pretty much always only Edith from the start of this pregnancy, but Jon was really pushing for Dorothy. Of course, these names are subject to change if something better comes along and feels "right," but at this point I don't anticipate that happening. Now we just need to wait until October to find out who we are adding to our brood...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

boy names

As I had mentioned previously, we really struggled with a boy name this time around. That's actually no different than with Elden--I'm pretty sure we hadn't definitively decided on his name until I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant. I'd be surprised if you can't guess which one of these names is our little boy's (if it is a boy, of course) based on all the hype and lead-up I've posted, but check back tomorrow for confirmation :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

girl names

Girl names always come easiest to us, mostly because we had leftovers from my first pregnancy. I compiled a list of our top girl names (err, mostly my top names, Jon wasn't on board with some of these from the get-go) for this post--if this Pumpkin is a she, her name is listed below:
I'll be posting our boy contenders tomorrow, then on Sunday I'll come clean with our final choices! We have a middle name for the girl set and have no idea on a middle name for the boy. But first names are mostly what matters, right?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

jelly bean blueberries

When we were at our local nursery picking up some Mother's Day plants, Jon noticed Jelly Bean blueberry plants. We did some research and decided we had to have them since the only fruit we are currently growing are grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes.


We had bought a really nice wooden box from an estate sale last year. I had the intention of hanging it as a shelf in our half bath, but hadn't gotten around to it. When trying to find planters for our new blueberry bushes, Jon asked if we could use the box for those. I thought about it and figured that box was probably a bit large for our teeny tiny half bath, so I told him to go wild. He spray painted it navy and planted the bushes in it.
I know the grapes and strawberries are unlikely to produce usable fruit this season, but since the blueberry plants already have some flower buds on them I'm hoping we're going to get some berries this summer...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

elden's first tornado warning

Last night was what will likely be the first of many overly hyped tornado warnings in Elden's lifetime.

The weather was bad up north by our parent's houses but initially it looked like it was going to miss us. I had been calling my mom about a tornado warning with the supposed tornado right over their house. She said it was barely storming there and all was well. A short while later while Jon and I were chatting on the sun porch with Elden tucked safely into his bed, our phones went crazy alerting us to an "extreme weather event" and a "tornado warning." While the sky was definitely threatening rain, it wasn't thundering or lightning so we gave the weather app the side eye and wrote it off. About ten minutes later, things started to pick up a bit (but still not much) so we started to discuss scenarios. The tornado sirens were going off and you could see a storm brewing in the distance, but it looked mostly north of us. We weren't going to rush and wake Elden up because usually tornado warnings don't yield tornadoes in our area and when Elden wakes up after at least an hour of sleep for the night he will NOT go back down easily. We started gathering supplies by the top of the basement steps because we're worried rockstars like that--bottled water, snacks, blankets, bike helmets, shoes, laptops, phone chargers, etc. We discussed how we would know whether we needed to get him. About ten minutes later things picked up a bit further and we decided we'd much rather be safe with a rough night than have something horrible happen, so while Jon took everything down I went and retrieved Elden.

He was a bit put out at first but that rage quickly turned into elation when he realized we were hanging out in the basement with a bunch of his old toys that he had forgotten about.
Homie was AMPED. Chasing the cat around, pushing his lawnmower, riding his big wheels. He  thought he hit the slumber party jackpot. About ten or fifteen minutes later it had stopped thundering and Jon went to see what was going on outside and it wasn't even raining or windy. We decided to call the whole thing off and start the arduous process of winding Elden back down. Several books, looooots of rocking, a trip to the Big Bed, and more rocking later and he was finally back asleep in his crib by about 11. The storm actually picked up quite a bit more after we came upstairs which is why it was so hard to get him to go back to sleep. I'm pretty sure he was frightened by the thunder and lightning. At the end of the day, though, we didn't get much drama. Lots of rain but not the flooding our northern counterparts had. Maybe some wind, but nothing extreme. A few pieces of hail. No tornado. Grateful that's all it was but I think for the next post-bedtime storm we'll be even more cautious because we totally didn't need that basement trip.

Monday, May 12, 2014


At 21 months, Elden is more curious about his world than ever. He soaks up new things like a sponge, the latest being that the ceiling fan (or any fan) "cools DOWN!" - with grandiose hand gestures. He's been fighting a fever this past week and finally appears to be feeling a little better, thankfully. When healthy, his appetite is a force to be reckoned with. Some of his favorite foods are cheese omelets, goldfish crackers, gummy bears, and hot dogs--real winners in the nutrition department. Elden still loves being outside and helping us water the plants. He also loves playing with the rubber snakes ("Da's snakes") Jon has in the vegetable beds in an effort to scare off squirrels. Elden is getting better at drinking out of a cup without a lid, using utensils, and usually insists on sitting in a regular chair at the dining room table instead of his high chair. He loves painting, playing in water, and pointing out cars. We haven't had any major disciplinary issues this month--just the usual toddler willpower and the occasional tantrum when we tell him he cannot have gummy bears for breakfast. Starting today he is no longer attending daycare--something we are all a little bit sad about, yet excited for the adventures he will get to have with his Dad. When we go to the zoo he has less interest in the animals and more in the carousel, sticks, rocks, and the jungle gyms they have in the aquarium. Elden will occasionally tell you he loves you without being prompted--same goes for giving kisses--and each time he does I take a mental snapshot. We love this kiddo so much and are so excited for what will hopefully be many adventures this summer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

patio furniture

Last summer we bought some tattered outdoor IKEA furniture from a yard sale that I had every intention of customizing via spray paint and cushion slipcovers. As always, life got in the way and they sat on our porch, tattered but functional.

Not anymore!

I may have raided our spray paint stash last night and gone a little wild. Since I don't foresee myself getting around to redoing the house shutters any time soon, I pilfered the navy paint for the IKEA chairs and table. Now that this is done, I need to pick out a fabric for the cushions and coerce my mom into sewing them. :) Then they will be totally done! The lighting was terrible because it was dusk, so these pictures don't tell much of a story, but I figured since I'm not entirely done with their transformation I'm fine with that.
We picked out a color for the walls on the sun porch (peach cobbler) and are exploring what replacement flooring we want to use. Our goal is to make this porch functional for as much of the year as we possibly can so this project is high up on our to do list this year.


When we moved into the house, we inherited 3 pretty beat up patio chairs from Jon's parents. Once again, I had every intention of spray painting them. Since I was already donning a mask and had brought up several colors, I decided to redo the three that were in the worst shape. You may recognize the colors from Elden's Menchie's mobile...
The yellow is pretty horrible in person but I think the paint was bad. Interestingly enough, we inherited 4 additional patio chairs this year from my sister... and they were the same exact chairs as Jon's parents! Now that we have 3/7 brightly colored patio chairs, I think we're going to buy four additional bright colors and just make a crazy patio set. The neighbors probably love us...

In other house news, I think we decided on the colors for the kids' (so weird) rooms. We decided to do an outdoor theme in both rooms (so both will have the same paint colors) because Elden loves being outside more than cars. I'm so excited to start working on them!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

16 weeks

This isn't going to be a weekly thing since I don't want to be a trigger for anyone, but for the sake of making sure #3 realizes I am just as excited about being his or her mama as I was for Elden, I want to occasionally update the blog with this pregnancy's progress. 
Week: 16.
Baby is the size of:  An avocado.
Weight gain: I lost approximately 13 pounds the first trimester, but now that morning sickness has significantly waned I'm probably up a few from my lowest.
Cravings: Currently? Sunflower seeds and Kit Kats. Lots of sugary cravings but also the occasional savory one.
Sleep:  Fan freaking tastic. I've been having those trademark vivid pregnancy dreams, but I have yet to wake regularly to use the loo. Now that I know what life following newborn is like in the sleep department I am sleeping and napping like it's my job.
Movement:  Yes! I have felt several little jabs right around my belly button over the last week or two. At first I wasn't 100% sure it was the baby, but I am positive now. It's not as frequent as with Elden, but it's also really early still...
Symptoms:  Mood-to-the-swings. Poor Jon. The other night during one of my "I have no idea why I'm sobbing" sobfests, I looked at him through teary eyes and asked if he thought we are having a girl since my emotions are nuts with a side of crazy this pregnancy. He solemnly nodded 'yes.' I also have occasional morning sickness bouts, residual fatigue, and heartburn.
Happenings:  I'm still pretty convinced it's a girl. I have my monthly appointment today and then the anatomical ultrasound next month. We're still planning on not finding out the sex, although if anything shows up at the ultrasound we will. We have agreed on a boy name/spelling but no middle name yet. I'm not really in any rush on the middle name since I don't think we'll need it ;) Elden has been kissing the belly, unprompted, but I know he's still 400% clueless on what's actually going on. Pretty soon I intend on starting the nursery...

Monday, May 5, 2014


On Saturday, Jon walked in his graduation ceremony summa cum laude. The pride we all felt as we saw him handed that diploma was electric. Jon worked so ridiculously hard. He managed to balance a new marriage, a new baby, a miscarriage, a third pregnancy and work with school and still graduate with a 3.95 GPA. It was stressful and at times our marriage struggled because of it. He persevered and he did it and we are so proud of him.
Immediately after the ceremony we had our families over to celebrate his accomplishment. It was such a fun day and Jon felt so loved and I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication. Sorry for the run-on. I'm just feeling all the feels today.
the watermelon my mom made
too soon. can't handle.
Now, for the first time in both our 4 years of marriage and 7 total years of being together, neither of us are in school. We are both excited and anxious about how that will look for us as a family. We're planning on enjoying it to the fullest until the newest member of the family makes his or her debut this fall.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to our family and friends who have supported us through these years and who helped us so much with the party. We love you dearly!

Friday, May 2, 2014

on baby names

I think it's comical that complete strangers, family or friends think their opinion of the names you chose for your potential child is important and should be heavily considered when making such an important decision.
Before I continue, this post is referring to the first of the three categories. Our friends and family have always been very good about respecting our choices and not telling us they were stupid (even though I'm guessing Elden's name took a while to grow on some of them) unless we asked for honest opinions about what we were considering. For that, I tip my hat to our loved ones. However, I know several people who have chosen not to share their baby's name with their family or friends before the baby is born because they know they will get negative comments and it upsets them. They don't want to have to hear day in and day out that the name THEY chose for the child THEY conceived and THEY will be up with in the middle of the night is stupid.
I've been on the baby forums with this pregnancy and as Jon and I mull over a boy name (still to be determined) the one we landed on is pretty unconventional and therefore doesn't have many spelling examples to refer to. We can think of five different spellings for the name and we each have a preference that happens to not be the same. For fun, I turned to the baby board to see which the other mamas-to-be thought was the least offensive option and even prefaced that people were welcome to get on their soap box and preach how much they hated our choice, but that it was likely what we would be going with and I really didn't care if they hated it. As expected, I got the sarcastic replies that it was a pretty stupid name (people are stuck on the meaning of it, which is neither good nor bad) and I couldn't help but laugh. It's fine if you don't like the names I choose for my child, internet stranger (or friend or family member). Do us both a favor and don't use the name my husband and I mulled over for weeks and weeks so that it doesn't become too popular for our liking and you don't have to have a child that you think will be bullied relentlessly. But you're right. I *should* consider what you're saying because you were there for the conception and totally get a say, right?
So to the people of the world: unless someone you care about asks you for an honest opinion about a baby name they are considering (and when you respond, please choose your response lovingly because they are trusting you to be respectful about something they were at least somewhat fond of), just smile, nod your head, and tell the person it's cute. Because odds are, they aren't going to change it just because you disapprove. They will just write a blog post discussing how annoying other people's entitlement can be.