Wednesday, May 7, 2014

16 weeks

This isn't going to be a weekly thing since I don't want to be a trigger for anyone, but for the sake of making sure #3 realizes I am just as excited about being his or her mama as I was for Elden, I want to occasionally update the blog with this pregnancy's progress. 
Week: 16.
Baby is the size of:  An avocado.
Weight gain: I lost approximately 13 pounds the first trimester, but now that morning sickness has significantly waned I'm probably up a few from my lowest.
Cravings: Currently? Sunflower seeds and Kit Kats. Lots of sugary cravings but also the occasional savory one.
Sleep:  Fan freaking tastic. I've been having those trademark vivid pregnancy dreams, but I have yet to wake regularly to use the loo. Now that I know what life following newborn is like in the sleep department I am sleeping and napping like it's my job.
Movement:  Yes! I have felt several little jabs right around my belly button over the last week or two. At first I wasn't 100% sure it was the baby, but I am positive now. It's not as frequent as with Elden, but it's also really early still...
Symptoms:  Mood-to-the-swings. Poor Jon. The other night during one of my "I have no idea why I'm sobbing" sobfests, I looked at him through teary eyes and asked if he thought we are having a girl since my emotions are nuts with a side of crazy this pregnancy. He solemnly nodded 'yes.' I also have occasional morning sickness bouts, residual fatigue, and heartburn.
Happenings:  I'm still pretty convinced it's a girl. I have my monthly appointment today and then the anatomical ultrasound next month. We're still planning on not finding out the sex, although if anything shows up at the ultrasound we will. We have agreed on a boy name/spelling but no middle name yet. I'm not really in any rush on the middle name since I don't think we'll need it ;) Elden has been kissing the belly, unprompted, but I know he's still 400% clueless on what's actually going on. Pretty soon I intend on starting the nursery...

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