Wednesday, May 21, 2014

18 weeks

Week: 18.
Baby is the size of:  A bell pepper.
Weight gain: Up about 4 pounds from my lowest first trimester weight
Cravings: Dave's Cosmic Subs. Always. Why must you be so far from me, Dave!?
Sleep:  Still good on the whole, but last night I was restless.
Movement:  Still the occasional kick right behind my belly button, but the movement is nothing compared to what Elden was doing at this point. Jon felt the baby move for the first time this week, though! Just one itty bitty kick that was timed perfectly.
Symptoms:  Honestly, not much. Here's some TMI for ya: my nipples are reallllly sensitive in an irritated kind of way. A few times I've grazed them in the shower and it is brutal. That never happened with Elden. Jon and I both think I'm not showing very much for 18 weeks, but looking at that picture makes me question that. Other than that, the second trimester continues to be kind to me.
Happenings:  We picked the names, as you're well aware! Still no middle name for Nohl, have one for Edith. Our anatomy ultrasound is in two weeks and we're really excited about that. We bought all the paint for the kids' rooms and have started cleaning out the nursery-to-be. I also went through and organized all of Elden's old baby clothes and am getting ready to sell a ton at our street's yard sale this weekend. We bought a coming-home outfit for a boy and girl and realized they are both way too large (0-3 months) after comparing them to Elden's coming-home outfit (newborn) so we need to redo that whole thing, although I refuse to get rid of either outfit we already bought because I am in lurv...

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