Tuesday, May 13, 2014

elden's first tornado warning

Last night was what will likely be the first of many overly hyped tornado warnings in Elden's lifetime.

The weather was bad up north by our parent's houses but initially it looked like it was going to miss us. I had been calling my mom about a tornado warning with the supposed tornado right over their house. She said it was barely storming there and all was well. A short while later while Jon and I were chatting on the sun porch with Elden tucked safely into his bed, our phones went crazy alerting us to an "extreme weather event" and a "tornado warning." While the sky was definitely threatening rain, it wasn't thundering or lightning so we gave the weather app the side eye and wrote it off. About ten minutes later, things started to pick up a bit (but still not much) so we started to discuss scenarios. The tornado sirens were going off and you could see a storm brewing in the distance, but it looked mostly north of us. We weren't going to rush and wake Elden up because usually tornado warnings don't yield tornadoes in our area and when Elden wakes up after at least an hour of sleep for the night he will NOT go back down easily. We started gathering supplies by the top of the basement steps because we're worried rockstars like that--bottled water, snacks, blankets, bike helmets, shoes, laptops, phone chargers, etc. We discussed how we would know whether we needed to get him. About ten minutes later things picked up a bit further and we decided we'd much rather be safe with a rough night than have something horrible happen, so while Jon took everything down I went and retrieved Elden.

He was a bit put out at first but that rage quickly turned into elation when he realized we were hanging out in the basement with a bunch of his old toys that he had forgotten about.
Homie was AMPED. Chasing the cat around, pushing his lawnmower, riding his big wheels. He  thought he hit the slumber party jackpot. About ten or fifteen minutes later it had stopped thundering and Jon went to see what was going on outside and it wasn't even raining or windy. We decided to call the whole thing off and start the arduous process of winding Elden back down. Several books, looooots of rocking, a trip to the Big Bed, and more rocking later and he was finally back asleep in his crib by about 11. The storm actually picked up quite a bit more after we came upstairs which is why it was so hard to get him to go back to sleep. I'm pretty sure he was frightened by the thunder and lightning. At the end of the day, though, we didn't get much drama. Lots of rain but not the flooding our northern counterparts had. Maybe some wind, but nothing extreme. A few pieces of hail. No tornado. Grateful that's all it was but I think for the next post-bedtime storm we'll be even more cautious because we totally didn't need that basement trip.

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