Monday, May 5, 2014


On Saturday, Jon walked in his graduation ceremony summa cum laude. The pride we all felt as we saw him handed that diploma was electric. Jon worked so ridiculously hard. He managed to balance a new marriage, a new baby, a miscarriage, a third pregnancy and work with school and still graduate with a 3.95 GPA. It was stressful and at times our marriage struggled because of it. He persevered and he did it and we are so proud of him.
Immediately after the ceremony we had our families over to celebrate his accomplishment. It was such a fun day and Jon felt so loved and I am so grateful for his hard work and dedication. Sorry for the run-on. I'm just feeling all the feels today.
the watermelon my mom made
too soon. can't handle.
Now, for the first time in both our 4 years of marriage and 7 total years of being together, neither of us are in school. We are both excited and anxious about how that will look for us as a family. We're planning on enjoying it to the fullest until the newest member of the family makes his or her debut this fall.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to our family and friends who have supported us through these years and who helped us so much with the party. We love you dearly!


  1. 1. Yay Jon!!! So awesome. 3.95 is killer.
    2. You look crazy gorgeous.
    3. That watermelon? What the amazing?!

    1. Thanks, Kim!! And right?! My mom is crazy patient and talented. I would have given up basically immediately.