Friday, May 30, 2014


We've being doing lots of fun things over the past two weeks and have been making lots of changes around the house in anticipation of Pumpkin's arrival.

I may have gone a little spray paint happy...

Elden got to experience his first parade ever on Memorial Day, and let me tell you.. homeboy was a superfan.
When I asked him what his favorite part of the parade was, he excitedly proclaimed, "hores!" - Eldenism for 'horns.' I might also add that he was yelling out that lovely phrase the whole parade and it elicited some funny looks from our neighbors.

Jon has been making serious progress on cleaning out the guest room/nursery during Elden's naps. He was able to move the bed up to the attic, so all we have left in that room are the wardrobe (which we will probably have to destroy to remove) and the TV stand (which is far too heavy for me to help him carry).
doesn't look like much, but progress.
guest bed's new home
Finally, this week marked a few other firsts for Elden: first popsicle(s) and first bike!
He's equally a fan of both.

Next week is the anatomical ultrasound and Jon and I are celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary (note to self: fruit/flowers anniversary). Our anniversary snuck up on both of us so we aren't doing any gifts this year, but we are going to do a little getaway at some point--a babymoon/anniversary trip, if you will. I'm hoping to have the nursery entirely emptied by the end of next week so that we can start painting. It might end up being Elden's big boy room because when we redo his we're planning on buying him a twin bed and dresser and putting it in there for him--if he transitions okay we'll just keep him in there. I'm so excited to be making progress on prepping house for our newest family member so you will definitely be getting updates on that as we go.

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