Thursday, May 8, 2014

patio furniture

Last summer we bought some tattered outdoor IKEA furniture from a yard sale that I had every intention of customizing via spray paint and cushion slipcovers. As always, life got in the way and they sat on our porch, tattered but functional.

Not anymore!

I may have raided our spray paint stash last night and gone a little wild. Since I don't foresee myself getting around to redoing the house shutters any time soon, I pilfered the navy paint for the IKEA chairs and table. Now that this is done, I need to pick out a fabric for the cushions and coerce my mom into sewing them. :) Then they will be totally done! The lighting was terrible because it was dusk, so these pictures don't tell much of a story, but I figured since I'm not entirely done with their transformation I'm fine with that.
We picked out a color for the walls on the sun porch (peach cobbler) and are exploring what replacement flooring we want to use. Our goal is to make this porch functional for as much of the year as we possibly can so this project is high up on our to do list this year.


When we moved into the house, we inherited 3 pretty beat up patio chairs from Jon's parents. Once again, I had every intention of spray painting them. Since I was already donning a mask and had brought up several colors, I decided to redo the three that were in the worst shape. You may recognize the colors from Elden's Menchie's mobile...
The yellow is pretty horrible in person but I think the paint was bad. Interestingly enough, we inherited 4 additional patio chairs this year from my sister... and they were the same exact chairs as Jon's parents! Now that we have 3/7 brightly colored patio chairs, I think we're going to buy four additional bright colors and just make a crazy patio set. The neighbors probably love us...

In other house news, I think we decided on the colors for the kids' (so weird) rooms. We decided to do an outdoor theme in both rooms (so both will have the same paint colors) because Elden loves being outside more than cars. I'm so excited to start working on them!

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