Monday, May 12, 2014


At 21 months, Elden is more curious about his world than ever. He soaks up new things like a sponge, the latest being that the ceiling fan (or any fan) "cools DOWN!" - with grandiose hand gestures. He's been fighting a fever this past week and finally appears to be feeling a little better, thankfully. When healthy, his appetite is a force to be reckoned with. Some of his favorite foods are cheese omelets, goldfish crackers, gummy bears, and hot dogs--real winners in the nutrition department. Elden still loves being outside and helping us water the plants. He also loves playing with the rubber snakes ("Da's snakes") Jon has in the vegetable beds in an effort to scare off squirrels. Elden is getting better at drinking out of a cup without a lid, using utensils, and usually insists on sitting in a regular chair at the dining room table instead of his high chair. He loves painting, playing in water, and pointing out cars. We haven't had any major disciplinary issues this month--just the usual toddler willpower and the occasional tantrum when we tell him he cannot have gummy bears for breakfast. Starting today he is no longer attending daycare--something we are all a little bit sad about, yet excited for the adventures he will get to have with his Dad. When we go to the zoo he has less interest in the animals and more in the carousel, sticks, rocks, and the jungle gyms they have in the aquarium. Elden will occasionally tell you he loves you without being prompted--same goes for giving kisses--and each time he does I take a mental snapshot. We love this kiddo so much and are so excited for what will hopefully be many adventures this summer.

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