Tuesday, June 3, 2014

20 weeks {halfway!}

Week: 20. Halfway!
Baby is the size of:  A banana.
Weight gain: Still only up about 4 pounds from my lowest first trimester weight thanks to another GI bug.
Cravings: Dave's Cosmic Subs. Still. Olive Garden salad and breadsticks. Chicken tortilla soup.
Sleep:  Getting worse. Had my legit middle of the night bathroom trip last night. 
Movement:  Still not much, but getting more frequent. Please be a mellow baby!
Symptoms:  Feeling more and more uncomfortable in a full sense. Hard time finding a good position to sleep. Heartburn is rearing its ugly head.
Happenings:  We have our anatomy ultrasound this week! We will not be finding out baby's sex unless something is wrong which will hopefully not be the case. This week we will also be taking our anniversary/babymoon trip and I am *so* stinking excited for it. Continuing to make progress on cleaning out the guest room. Nothing crazy exciting to report yet.

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