Tuesday, June 17, 2014

22 weeks

Week: 22.
Baby is the size of:  A papaya.
Weight gain: I think I'm just now hitting my pre-pregnancy weight? But I haven't been weighing myself so I could be way off.
Cravings: I get whiplash from my savory/sweet waverings. The weirdest cravings I've had lately are oatmeal with chocolate chips (I can honestly say I've never craved oatmeal), white cheddar cheese, and all the candy to exist ever.
Sleep:  Still not great, but not terrible. I toss and turn a lot. Laying down is the position I feel baby move the most so I feel #3's kicks and jabs all night long. Not complaining.
Movement:  Definitely more each day. I mostly only feel the kicks but not the rolling around like I did with Elden. That being said, as #3 grows, I feel the other movements slightly more.
Symptoms:  Heartburn is definitely the most prominent. The girlies are becoming large and charge (no complaints from Jon). Other than that, no aches or pains. 

Happenings:  We painted the ceiling and put the first coat of primer on the trim in Elden's big boy room (which means the nursery progress can move forward sooner). Picked out fabric for #3's curtains, diaper organizer, changing pad cover, and quilt. I'd say I'm about 98% sure this one is an Edith which is no bueno when I see little dresses and hairbows on the cheap. I may or may not have bought at least 5-10 girly clothing items because of this gut feeling (if it's a Nohl I figured I'd know someone else to have a girl in my lifetime that I can gift these items). We're growing more excited to meet little mister/miss with each day that passes!

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