Monday, June 30, 2014

24 weeks

Week: 24.
Baby is the size of:  An ear of corn.
Weight gain: I should really probably bring up our scale from the basement and actually step on it. Because dessert is my main food group.
Cravings: Olive Garden salad & breadsticks, Cinnamon Life cereal, Kit Kats, cotton candy.
Sleep:  #3 is most active at night. I'm still only using the bathroom once in the middle of the night, but I always need to have a pillow under my belly when I sleep on my side now. Things are starting to deteriorate in the sleep department for sure.
Movement: B
ecoming more frequent and more intense. This kiddo also gets hiccups all the daggone time, just like Elden did.
Symptoms:  Heartburn all day erry day. Starting to experience round ligament pain. Generally feeling huge and like there's no space for this baby to continue to grow for the next 16 (!!) weeks. Crazy dreams.

Happenings:  I've figured out how I want to make #3's baby mobile and I'm pretty excited about that. I also have my gestational diabetes screen in a week and I am so not looking forward to that (see also: weight gain). I believe week 24 marks the week of viability so if stuff were to hit the fan and #3 were to make an appearance now medical interventions would at least be taken to try to support his or her life. It's not much comfort, but it's something. Making progress in Elden's room and hoping to start the official nursery by week 26.

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