Friday, June 6, 2014

#3's close-up

So yesterday we had #3's big anatomical ultrasound--what a wonderful anniversary present that turned out to be! The tech was newer so we got to look at the baby extra long which was nice. Everything looks great although I do have an anterior placenta which is why I've felt very little of this one's movements. The good news is the placenta was low-lying but not crossing my cervix so unless something drastic happens we are good to go for a hopeful vaginal birth. We did not find out the sex since thankfully everything looked good. This peanut was less cooperative than Elden--kept moving and had its little legs and hands all tucked up in the same spot (my right side--where I've felt most movements), but the doctor was happy with all the shots he got. Unfortunately, we only got 3 pictures this time--all profiles--so we don't have nearly as many as we did with Elden. The baby had the same long, skinny legs and was measuring 20 weeks exactly (I was 20w2d at the scan) so maybe it will be a little smaller than Elden? Eh?

So what do you think? Do we have an Edith or Nohl on our hands?

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  1. So exciting! What a blessing! I'm going with a baby Edith...which means you're probably actually having a baby Nohl because I'm wrong on the gender 99% of the time. ;)