Wednesday, June 18, 2014

guest room progress

The primer we bought for the trim is doing a ridiculously awesome job of covering the stain--I seriously can't recommend it enough. I don't know that it even needed a second coat since the paint we got is paint+primer, but we decided not to chance it. Almost the entire room has had its first coat of primer (spare the very bottom of the trim that needs taped) and half has the second coat. The trim is going a lot faster than we expected which is great since we have an additional room to finish after this one. Jon also installed the ceiling fan today so things are really progressing.
I think the next big things we need to complete are finishing priming the trim, spackling a few screw holes in the window frames, and caulking several pretty sizable gaps throughout the room--mostly in/around the windows. Once that's done I think we'll really zip through the rest of the room.

to do:
-paint the ceiling 
-prime the trim x2
-prime the doors x2
-paint the trim
-paint the doors
-remove the existing light fixture (it's been moved to the hall!)
-install a ceiling fan
-install the faux wainscoting
-paint the faux wainscoting
-paint the upper half of the walls
-give a facelift to the curtain rods (I have a really awesome idea about this that I'm hoping will pan out)
-install new furniture
-decorate the walls with the shelves and wall art we have

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