Friday, June 27, 2014

still more kids room progress

Last night we did the first coat of paint on the trim and doors in Elden's future room. It started out fine although we were hoping to only need one coat. That being said, we might still need just 1, but we couldn't tell with the poor lighting last night. The jury will determine if everything needs a second coat or if we can just do some touching up in certain spots today. I also had a bit of paint color remorse as the minutes ticked by and it got darker and darker outside. I worry the trim is too almondy but Jon is absolutely in love with it. I'm waiting to see what it looks like with daylight streaming in today. Even if I hate it I'm going to use it because helloallthatwork.
It definitely makes the cabbage ceiling look green (finally!). We've revised our strategy a bit--once we're done with all the trim we're going to paint the top half of the walls brown, the bottom half the same color as the trim, and then put up the faux wainscoting and paint it on the wall. Originally we were going to try to paint everything off the wall and just do touch-ups later, but we think that might be a bit too challenging. There is still some caulking and spackling to be done, and even though I didn't have it on the original list I'd really like to replace the faces of the light switch and outlets in the room. It feels like we're in the home stretch but then I remember we have a second room to do the same things to and I want to curl up in a ball and ugly cry.

to do:
-paint the ceiling 
-prime the trim x2
-prime the doors x2
-paint the trim
-paint the doors
-remove the existing light fixture (it's been moved to the hall!)
-install a ceiling fan
-install the faux wainscoting
-paint the faux wainscoting
-paint the upper half of the walls
-give a facelift to the curtain rods (I have a really awesome idea about this that I'm hoping will pan out)
-install new furniture
-decorate the walls with the shelves and wall art we have

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