Monday, June 16, 2014

the best date

For our anniversary, I requested that as my gift Jon would plan a date for us (childcare included). I usually handle this because he's so laid back about things we do and I'm the pickier one so it's just easier if I make most of the plans. He happily agreed and I waited with baited breath for the deets.

On Friday night, everything I could have dreamed of in a date came to fruition.

We dropped Elden off at Jon's parent's house. Then we headed to Charmed Thai where I gorged on chicken potstickers, a salad, Thai iced tea (it tasted a lot like a pumpkin spice steamer!), and vegetarian pad Thai. After dinner, we headed to mini golf (I won by 2 strokes) and ice cream.
How does the date get better, you ask?

After mini golf, we roll up to this place. I don't know about you, but any place that bills itself as "The largest candy store in the USA" is basically a pregnant any person's heaven. We probably spent way too much money on things that are way too bad for us, but that's what a date is for, right?
I told Jon that he can plan all of our dates moving forward because it was so amazing. We discovered that we love mini golf and all Jon can talk about is planning a double or triple date with some friends to go again. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the mini golf part, too. We're wild ones, Jon and I, so look out U.S. Open: we're coming for you.

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