Friday, June 13, 2014

the kids' rooms

We haven't fully decided which child will end up in each room just from an ease of transition standpoint. Since Elden is currently in his nursery, we have begun the transformation of the spare room since there is no major furniture in there and we don't need to worry about paint fumes. However, once we finish the spare room, we will order Elden's new dresser and twin bed and have them setup in the spare room so we can redo his room. If he adjusts well to sleeping in the spare room we will just make that his room. If it's a disaster, he will go back to his current room when that's done and we will make the spare room the nursery. The colors we decided on are Eddie Bauer Home's "Cabbage" for the ceiling, Eddie Bauer Home's "Brown Suede" for the top half of the walls, and Valspar's "Belle Grove Antique White" for the wainscoting, trim and doors. We finished the ceiling in the spare room last night and I was a little nervous about putting green on it but the change is so subtle it barely even shows up in pictures (so it's perfect).

Here are the before shots of the room (and please pardon the mess/poor quality phone pics):

As for the to do list in here (it's daunting):
-paint the ceiling
-prime the trim x2
-prime the doors x2
-paint the trim
-paint the doors
-remove the existing light fixture (it's been moved to the hall!)
-install a ceiling fan
-install the faux wainscoting
-paint the faux wainscoting
-paint the upper half of the walls
-give a facelift to the curtain rods (I have a really awesome idea about this that I'm hoping will pan out)
-install new furniture
-decorate the walls with the shelves and wall art we have

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