Wednesday, June 11, 2014

twenty-two (and eldenisms)

At 22 months old, Elden surprises us each day with his growing vocabulary, imagination and understanding of the world at large. He's fully into his play kitchen now and insists on having one of us help him cook at least three times a day. On the menu? Pom pom soup. Each day he gets more imaginative and seeing his creativity bloom is such a satisfying experience. Elden still loves his big boy bed and climbs into it willingly during the day. We're working on phasing out the pacifier completely and are very nervous about that transition but hoping for the best. Elden is not a big fan of veggies lately but still inhales fruit. I think his favorite food is the infamous hot dog, but he is always quite enthusiastic about new flavors, textures and combinations. He's been taking a 3-hour nap pretty consistently during the day and we've pushed bed time back to somewhere between 7 and 8, depending on his mood. Elden is very into playgrounds, going for walks in his "bike" (the bike trailer), and being outside in general. He hates storms ("I hear thunder!") and is able to tell us things matter of factually now (for instance, when his diaper leaked overnight he told me, "I peed through."). We love this kid so stinking much!

Some Eldenisms:
"Stop It Sign!" = stop sign
pointing to the male mannequin's groin at Jon's work "mannequin penis"
"Elden fart" - said any time his stomach or bowels make a noise
"I carry you, mama" - said as he tries to carry me across the room

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  1. I would totally try his pom pom soup. What a cutie! And smarty pants.