Thursday, July 3, 2014

23 months

Next month my baby will be 2 and wheredidthetimego? Independence is creeping into Elden's daily life with the insistence of 'no! I do it!' We also get to see a lot of stubbornness with that - meal time has become a major battle of the wills that often requires us to sing for him each time he takes a bite in order to get him to eat anything. My favorite times of day with Elden are after he wakes up in the morning and from his nap because he is a total cuddle monster. He loves drinking his 'baby coffee' (milk) still and gets so excited on the mornings I bring it up with me when he is getting out of bed. Elden is terrified of storms but loves cars, trains, and airplanes. He is curious and mischievous and loves to be gotten and to get you. We have suspicions that he may be color blind but it's much too early to know that for sure. He absolutely loves reading books with us and we probably read [the same 3] books ten times per day. Elden is a wonderful helper and is learning how to help us pick up his toys when we are cleaning. Each day is a big blessing with this kid and that's something we try to remember on the challenging days.

Notable Eldenisms:
*snatches pool noodle from box at Walmart*, looks at me before I can say anything and says very seriously, "I need it."
"Dada penis." - pointing to the breadstick Jon was eating.
*he changes the pitch of his voice when he beeps like a little car (higher pitch) and a big car (lower pitch)
 "I made bubbles." - after farting in the tub
"Pick up crumbs!" - pointing to the vacuum, insisting we clean the carpet together

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