Monday, July 28, 2014

28 weeks

Week: 28.
Baby is the size of:  An eggplant.

Weight gain: Up 7 or 8 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
Cravings: Sub sandwiches. Milkshakes. Mashed potatoes with gravy.
Sleep:  Could be better, could be worse. I only get up once per night (usually) to use the loo.

Movement: Some days (s)he is a lot less active than others, but then on the active days it's like a non-stop fetus disco.
Symptoms:  I'm having a really hard time breathing/catching my breath these days due to baby being all up in my rib cage. This makes me feel a LOT bigger than I am. I'm also still popping antacids a few times per day.

Happenings:  Elden's room is done!! And he's living in it! His first night was Saturday and all things considered he did remarkably well. I'm just waiting to hang a few things (one of which has yet to arrive in the mail) before I take the final pictures. This means we get to start on the nursery. I'm also officially in the third trimester (we do NOT have enough time to get everything done, it seems), so I have to schedule my Rhogam injection for this week. Last but not least, we bought the newborn outfit for the beeb if it's a boy so we have both a girl and a boy take home outfit now. It's slowly getting more real but I won't believe it til there's a baby in my arms...

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  1. Seriously, you look great! Can't believe you're already in the third trimester. Also, random fun fact: I'm RH negative as well.