Thursday, July 10, 2014

giving some drawer pulls a facelift

We ended up buying a used 5-piece furniture set from someone through work for Elden's "big boy" room. It included a dresser, chest of drawers and nightstand that had some old drawer pulls that looked very 80s and were pretty beat up. We initially thought we would just buy new drawer pulls (I found some for a buck a piece which would have put our total at less than $20) but we realized 4 of the 18 pulls were shorter than the others and I was having a really hard time finding matching ones in two different sizes. I opted to attempt the lazy way out (which is also the cheaper way out) by spray painting the pulls instead. I also decided to try spray painting our $2 IKEA curtain rods to see if I could class 'em up a bit.
after - 1st coat
The drawer pulls turned out a lot better than the curtain rods - probably because I didn't rough up the rods at all so the paint didn't grip very well. It also didn't help that drying time to reapply was 30-60 minutes and I started this project around 8:15 pm... everything was covered in dew when I went to bring it in for the night. I did 2 coats on the pulls and 1 coat on each side for the rods and their accessories--I will need to do a second coat on these. I should have the pulls (which look a lot better than that first coat picture) put in the drawers tonight so I can post the final shots of those. I still have some grandiose visions for the curtain rods in addition to the spray paint but I'm not sure how that part will be executed (it involves branches).

In other news, Jon started putting up the faux wainscoting in Elden's new room yesterday:
It only took about an hour and we just need to add 2 pieces that he has to cut under the one window, caulk/fill the nail holes, and then he will need to cut the horizontal rails so I can paint them before we put them up. Once that's done I can do all the retouching I need to do, including a second coat on some parts of the windows. We're so close I can taste it!

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