Wednesday, July 16, 2014

IKEA IRJA curtain rod hack

We've had these $1.50 IKEA curtain rods in our house since we got it because we had just spent all of our savings on our down payment and didn't have the money to spend on anything nicer. The round finials weren't my cup of tea and IKEA does offer cuter ones... but again, they add up. When given the choice between a fridge (which we happened to get off Craigslist for $150 and has served us marvelously the past 2 years) and pretty finials you know I'll always choose food. In any case, I figured one day I would be spray painting or doing something with these rods to class them up a bit.

Since we decided to redo the kids' rooms, I figured now is the best time to give it a shot. For this project, I started by spray painting the brackets, rods and finials with Rustoleum soft iron metallic paint & primer ($6.76/can) to tie into the dresser drawer pull makeover we completed. My initial plan was to super glue some branches over the top of the round finials to stick with our woodland theme, but that didn't go far because I figured it would look weird. Then I stumbled upon these guys at Hobby Lobby ($6.99 for 5) and Jon used a 40% off coupon bringing the cost down to $4.19. I had initially assumed I would just glue the spheres over the finials but Jon had the idea to use a hand saw to cut the circles off the finials and stick the nubs of the finials into the sphere. This was necessary because you slide the finials off to put on/take off curtains so if we had just glued the spheres straight onto the rods (Jon's initial idea) we never would have been able to get a curtain on or off. I digress. This ended up being a very easy project:
For the next room I will be cutting first, spray painting second.
1/2 of these spheres slid off easily from the sticks. I had to use some forceful twisting and pulling on the last 2.
I stuck the finial nubs into spots on the spheres I thought would hold it well and used hot glue around the contact points
new finial with a faux metallic rod
the end product
Once I get the curtains hung I'll post additional pictures of these guys on the walls. I'm really happy with how they turned out and if you consider that we already had the spray paint for the drawer pulls the whole project only cost us $4 plus the price of the rods - shakes out to about $3.50 curtain rods instead of $1.50 curtain rods.

Edited to add a hanging picture: