Tuesday, July 1, 2014

my love/hate relationship with valspar

So I've raved and raved about the Valspar primer we used on the trim in Elden's new room. I had such high hopes for the paint+primer in one that we bought for the walls and wainscoting.

Womp, womp. Disappointment after bloody disappointment. The paint+primer felt like it was water. It was basically useless. Both the wainscoting section and the brown section of the walls needed two coats. It was incredibly infuriating and I have so much disdain for it right now.

Silver lining? Despite the ridiculous humidity in the room, it dried super fast so I was able to complete (totally with Jon's help - I, apparently, suck hardcore at edging) both coats of brown last night. That's the only good thing about this paint ya'll. Never. Again.
Due to the horrendous quality of the brown paint, we need to do some ceiling and wainscoting touch-ups. That will (hopefully) not take long, though. I am so over painting. I can't believe we have to do this all again in the nursery. I want to cry. The good news is we bought a 5-piece wooden bedroom furniture set for the perfect price for Elden's new room and we're making serious progress on finishing this all up soon.

to do:
-paint the ceiling 
-prime the trim x2
-prime the doors x2
-paint the trim
-paint the doors
-remove the existing light fixture
-install a ceiling fan
-install the faux wainscoting
-paint the faux wainscoting
-paint the upper half of the walls
-give a facelift to the curtain rods
-install new furniture
-decorate the walls with the shelves and wall art we have

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