Monday, July 7, 2014

raspberry picking!

I decided to take today off work to soak in some quality time with my guys. Jon and I were brainstorming fun and inexpensive things to do and landed on berry picking. I researched local farms and we decided to go to Marian Kay Berry Farm in Lodi. I'm so glad that's where we went! When we arrived we were greeted by one of the owners, Ron, and his two dogs. Truthfully, the dogs were probably the biggest hit with Elden the entire time as he kept calling for Lulu. Ron gave us a little tour of the farm and told us about all the different types of raspberries and blackberries they're growing. He set us up with some plastic containers and off we went! Elden ate just about every berry he picked, but Jon and I made up for that with 3 large containers. After we were done picking, Ron showed us the canning room they're building and told us about a really neat piece of equipment they bought. Essentially, once the canning room is complete, people will be able to pick their own berries, walk it over to this machine, and create jams and syrups out of what they just picked all in one step to take home! This sounds like a really awesome concept and you better believe we're going to go check it out when it's operational. He also let us drive a tractor with Elden on it (and, if you know our boy at all, you know how much that made his day) and gave us a sample of homemade seedless blackberry syrup that was to die for. Basically, it was the perfect thing to do in the area and the price was right ($8 for three large containers of delicious raspberries). We had the entire place to ourselves and it was just a really sweet experience for our little family.
Elden was obsessed with Lulu
Elden with Ron
I don't really like raspberries and we ate one of our three containers in the car on the way home, if that gives you any indication of how delicious these things were. Ron said the blackberries should be ready in a few weeks depending on the weather and we have every intention of going back once they are! If you're in the area I highly recommend going here for berry picking.

Note: I was not paid or commissioned in any way to do this blog - we just had that good of an experience and I wanted to give the farm as much publicity as my little blog can. :)

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