Tuesday, July 29, 2014

shopping with a purpose

I recently stumbled upon some new (to me or in general) socially responsible businesses that have ridiculously cute merchandise AND support great causes. I thought I'd share some of those items to help raise awareness of what is out there and to encourage others to consider purchasing their own accessories or gifts for others from these organizations that empower women across the world:

1. Stuffed Whale via Haiti Design Coop
2. Heart Pouch via Haiti Design Coop
3. Burnt Orange Sandals via Sseko Designs*
4. Native Wrap Bracelet via Noonday Collection
6. Bellflower necklace via 31Bits

Sure, you could always go to Forever21 or the like and buy a $2 necklace, but odds are you are actually exacerbating the problem of world poverty and unfair workplace conditions by increasing the demand for a cheap (and cheaply made) products. There are a lot of really cute and fair-trade products available if you just look for them. I hope to do some of my Christmas shopping from the above organizations this season and would be thrilled if you'd join me in pursuing some socially responsible merchandise as well.

*I own a pair of Ssekos from a birthday a few years back and absolutely love them. I also own a purse from Haiti Design Coop (formerly Haitian Creations) that is fabulous.

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