Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the splash pad

Over the weekend Elden and I went and had a play date with Lisa and Hunter at the splash pad in their town. I hyped the heck out of this thing (related it to Elden as a 'water playground') leading up to our visit and the entire car ride Elden kept saying, "drive to water playground. Too fun!"

Once we got there, he was really uncertain the first five minutes. I think the fact that it was really crowded with a lot of bigger kids played into this hesitation. After the five minutes, though, homie was just elated.
Sadly, the main pipe to the splash pad burst around this time so play time was cut short. However, since I knew how much Elden loved the water playground I decided to setup our splash pad from last summer on Sunday when my parents were over.
Needless to say... it was a hit. :)

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