Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#3 birth stat predictions

Just for giggles, I thought it would be fun to do a little prediction regarding #3's birth stats. I'm likely way off but in the unlikely event I'm right or this birth is incredibly redemptive (see below) I want it documented for the I-told-ya-so's... [more and more people are thinking it's a boy]

Sex: Girl
Birth date: October 15 (39 weeks gestation) - this would be a year to the date I found out I was going to miscarry #2. I think it would be really awesome if God used this as a way to (in a sense) redeem our loss - but I won't be upset if that's not the case. My babies are stubborn.
Birth time: late evening.
Weight: 7 pounds 12 ounces
Length: 20 inches
Hair: Lots. Dark & curly like [her] daddy.
Eyes: Light, but will ultimately turn dark brown. I basically think this baby will look just like Jon since Elden looks just like me. It's only fair, right?
Temperament: Feisty but (pleaseJesusplease) not colicky.

Feel free to chime in with your guesses in the comments. I also added a poll to my upper right sidebar (like I did with Elden) to see whether you think #3 is a she or a he.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

biggest fears

As this pregnancy approaches its end I've had a lot of friends ask me whether I'm afraid of labor and delivery. This has made me pretty reflective of what's to come and the things I'm most anxious about. My mind is all over the place these days so I'm just going to write in bullet format to keep things as organized as possible.
  • Totally not nervous about the act of labor/delivery itself. By that point in the pregnancy I am so excited to meet the baby/reclaim my body that I just am ready for it to be over--by any means necessary (C-section, induction, etc. - I don't care if it ends in healthy baby). 
  • That being said... I am still fighting off the miscarriage demons and trying so hard to remain positive these last 8 weeks that odds are #3 will be born healthy and without complications.
  • I think my biggest fear is how Elden will adjust. I have all these irrational "what if he thinks we love him less / are replacing him / don't want him anymore" thoughts swirling through my brain that I'm trying so hard not to waste much energy on. 
  • I'm nervous about how I'll have enough love for both kids. Since it took me a few days to really bond with Elden I expect the same for #3 but my heart is just so full of love for E that I'm worried I won't be able to match that for #3? I'm told this is a totally normal fear but it's still there.
  • Life after delivery. Good heavens, how will we manage with a toddler and a newborn? I like sleep. I like schedules. I'm just really anxious about how Jon and I will be able to take care of two kids, especially when one of us is at work.
  • Recovering from delivery. It was a rough month after I had Elden. Everything I've heard is that recovery from subsequent births seems to be easier (perhaps because you know what to expect??) and I so hope this is true because if my recovery for this one is anything like Elden's... have mercy.
Those are definitely the recurring fears that I re-visit at any given moment. I'm really anxious for my next ultrasound because I don't qualify for FMLA at work until October 7 so if something shows up on that ultrasound and they want to induce me early (earlier than 38 weeks) I will be incredibly stressed. Obviously a healthy baby is the first priority but that wouldn't make me any less anxious about taking maternity leave prematurely...

Monday, August 25, 2014

32 weeks

Week: 32.
Baby is the size of:  A squash.
Weight gain: Just under 10 pounds.
Cravings: Sub sandwiches. Sarku Japan.
Sleep:  Hit or miss. Some nights I sleep really well, others I toss and turn all night. 
Movement: Stabby! I don't remember Elden causing as much physical pain as #3 does. This one seriously feels like it has wolverine hands. 
Symptoms:  The heartburn subsided overall for about a week and a half but is back with a vengeance. I'm also experiencing quite a few Braxton Hicks. Looking back, I don't think I ever really had them with Elden (even though I wanted to believe I did). I'm certain these are BHs though after talking with a few other expectant mamas due in October. In addition, pelvic and lower back pain are pretty brutal right now. 
Happenings: The nursery is thisclose to being done spare the little details (slipcover for rocking chair cushions, curtains, changing pad cover, diaper organizer, etc.) and I am so relieved. At the very least we have the shell of the room there and it is inhabitable! Next on the list is sorting through Elden's old clothes and have washing them. Furthermore, a few friends threw me a small baby sprinkle over the weekend and we were blessed with lots of gifts for #3 (thank you to everyone who came and celebrated this life with us!). I've also made a few options for birth announcements that I'm really excited for so all I have to do is add stats and a picture of the baby when the time comes. My next OB appointment is in a week so I'm thinking at that point I'll know when our next ultrasound is. I can't believe we (hopefully) have less than 8 weeks left til we meet this kiddo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I know I've posted about thredUP before but they just made me swoon even more today. For those of you unfamiliar, thredUP is an online consignment shop that sells gently used/like new/new with tags name brand clothes (ranging from J. Crew to designer shoes and purses). I love this for Elden (and myself!) because I can't afford to buy new everything. If you sign up with this link you will get a $10 credit (no minimums) to try it out. Furthermore, I found out that today they are running a 40% off everything sale if you use the code WBA40 at check-out.  

You can also send in your gently used clothes for free--something I did a few weeks back--and thanks to them buying my items from me I was able to buy myself:
Motherhood Maternity blouse
Ann Taylor skirt
American Eagle sweater
and Elden:
Rothschild snow pants
Janie and Jack jacket

...all for $43.17 shipped. Thanks to my clean-out bag credit, I didn't pay anything. The thing I love most about this system is they are very selective in what they buy back so usually you send more stuff than you can buy. This is great for me because it forces me to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. 

This isn't a sponsored post but I do get a $10 referral credit each time someone signs up with the link I shared above. I truly love thredUP and the savings I get and I will continue to send in clean-out bags and buy clothes for Elden and me from their website. Check it out, especially with that 40% off sale!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

things that gave me heartburn.

Since I'm in the "heartburn is ridiculous" stage of pregnancy, I figured what better way to document the mundane details of my every day experiences than a Twitter handle?

You're welcome, universe, for contributing yet another useless social media account that I will probably keep up on for about a week and then forget exists.

Monday, August 18, 2014

on vacationing with a toddler (a tale of history repeating itself)

On Friday night we headed down to Columbus and met up with my parents for an overnight stay at a hotel and visit to the Columbus Zoo the next day.

Because apparently we're a couple of masochists and decided to let history repeat itself.

In all fairness, we also had a trip to Virginia thrown in there and Elden was a freaking rock star on that so... high hopes. Perhaps that's part of why this trip was so frustrating--my expectations were too high. It certainly didn't help that I'm basically 31 weeks pregnant, the size of a house, and in a world of pain in general.

So here's how it went down: I was able to leave work a bit early Friday thanks to overtime on Wednesday and Thursday so we loaded up the minivan and headed down towards Polaris just north of the city to let Elden get some of his energy out. We had to wake him from his nap to put him in the van, but Jon managed to hook up our DVD player to the one in the van (the one in the van came to us with a disc jammed in the player and we are not willing to shell out the money it would take to fix/dislodge/replace it) so we could remotely use the system. I should also add that at Elden's 2-year well visit on Tuesday we were given the green light to turn him forward facing (we followed the AAP's recommendation to keep him rear facing until he was 2--we were originally going to keep him rear facing for longer but since he was in the 92nd percentile for height our ped said he was just fine) so this helped with the DVD situation. I should also add that after nearly a year of being ear infection free thanks to his tubes, the pediatrician noted an ear infection in Elden's right ear at that well visit. He prescribed ear drops... but we don't think they took care of it. We have an ear check in ten minutes to confirm whether or not the infection is gone. So basically, ear infection+travel=disaster for us, always. I digress.

The DVD player kept Elden entertained for about an hour and a half of the 2-hour trip, so we're grateful for that. He also had his lunch in the car and played with some toys/read some books. When we got to Polaris we met up with my parents and Jon did a little shopping while we played in the indoor play area. After about an hour we headed to a restaurant in the plaza for dinner. Dinner was pretty good, Elden did a decent enough job of listening and behaving, and after that we headed to the hotel. After check-in we headed down to the hotel pool for some swimming. That lasted maybe 30-45 minutes with Elden, but it was already after 8 (when we normally lay him down) so I was impressed. Once Elden was over the pool we got him ready for a night of bed sharing... which was probably the biggest mistake we could have ever made.

Let me just say, though, that I don't really know what better option we would have had. Elden is too long to sleep in his pack n play. We could have gotten a room with 2 doubles but that would have warranted us bringing both bed rails and that just didn't sound like an easy solution. Plus, being in a strange place one of us likely would have had to sleep in bed with him anyway. Needless to say.. it took Elden a good 2 hours to fall asleep and even then he was up every half an hour wanting to play. Then he was up from 2-4 am. Once he finally fell back asleep he slept fitfully until about 7:30. So.. we were all completely exhausted and cranky come sunrise. We knew we were in for it when he was totally defiant at breakfast (normally his best moods come in the morning) but decided to go for it anyway. My sister met up with us and we all headed over to the zoo.

I should also add we didn't bring a stroller because we're masochists. And also we didn't think Elden would sit in it because he doesn't at our zoo. But he normally sleeps the night before we go to our zoo.

In any case, within the first 45 minutes of the zoo we had seen approximately 1 species of animal (a duck and her two ducklings, none of which were actually animals on exhibit--they were just walking the path) and gotten a few hundred yards. It did not bode well. On and off throughout the next few hours Elden cycled between throwing tantrums, wanting to be carried (by me only, of course), being entertained by some random zoo thing, and just generally being a super cranky tiny human. We were equally exhausted, I was in a ton of pain, and it was just not a fun situation. My fatigue coupled with hormones/frustration/pain resulted in my tears at least a handful of times throughout the day. We finally gave up and went over to the little amusement park ride area they had and let Elden ride the rides--easily the happiest hour or so of our whole time there. After eating lunch we called it a day and left around 1:45 for home. Elden slept for a lot of the trip home with a bit of waking up here and there and being angry.

This is the only picture I took of the entire trip:

When we got home we brought dinner in (too tired to cook) and laid Elden down an hour earlier than normal for bed. Jon and I talked for about an hour and a half because I was emotionally needy after such a draining trip. It did our souls good. It also didn't hurt that we went to bed by 9:30 and Elden slept in until 7:30 the next morning. We were planning on trying to go to the staff reunion at camp in celebration of their 100th birthday one night over Labor Day weekend but now I'm thinking we probably won't because this last trip was the stuff of nightmares.

And some lessons learned:
1. Always take a stroller, even if you just plan on leaving it in the car.
2. Set the bar ridiculously low.
3. If staying overnight somewhere, get the toddler a space with his own room. I think this is why he did so well on our Virginia trip - we weren't there to distract him.
4. Don't go on trips that involve any sort of walking if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy.
5. Don't go on trips ever.
6. Do. Not. Bedshare.
7. If your kid has an ear infection that doesn't seem to be going away in time for the trip, just cancel the freaking trip.

We've been planning and saving for a big beach vacation for the summer of 2016 already and now we have reservations about that (Elden would be nearly 4, the baby would be 1.5). From the beginning of our discussions about this, though, we said we'd get our kids their own room in a shared beach house so that we can avoid some of the issues we had Friday night. Furthermore, the nice thing about a beach vacation is you don't have to plan out ANYTHING. It's a house. If the children are having a bad day or didn't sleep you can just stick to the house and there's no stress of going out. I don't plan on being hugely pregnant for that trip. I'm sure we'll re-evaluate when the time comes, but I will be hopeful (am I letting history repeat itself thrice?) that the next trip will be a good one...

Monday, August 11, 2014

30 weeks

...and so over it
Week: 30. 75% done. Oy.
Baby is the size of:  A cucumber.
Weight gain: Up 8-9 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
Cravings: Sub sandwiches. Milkshakes. 

Sleep:  Now averaging 2-3 bathroom trips per night.
Movement: I usually have no need to do kick counts. We're cooking another mover and shaker. The main difference between this one and Elden is that Elden was moving pretty consistently every day. This one goes through days with fewer movements followed up by days of constant movement.
Symptoms:  My biggest complaint, hands down, is the pelvic pain. I feel like my pelvis is going to split in half vertically at any given moment but it is especially bad at night/when I need to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. My OB said there's nothing I can do for it which is a real downer. I'm also struggling with some lower back pain, hot flashes, dizziness, and heartburn. The waddle is in full force. Third trimester probs.
Happenings: Jon is working on the nursery again this week but we didn't do anything really at all last week or over the weekend in there. We've been working on the wall art and once the walls are painted/furniture arranged I plan on beginning to wash all of our newborn and 0-3 month clothes to stock the dresser. We are trying to really soak up one-on-one time with Elden these last 10 weeks and that includes a trip to Columbus this week to visit the zoo there (weather permitting... otherwise we're going to COSI). I also get to have another ultrasound sometime between 32-36 weeks just to confirm everything looks okay since I failed the 1-hour glucose test so I'm REALLY looking forward to that. I received my FMLA paperwork for maternity leave and have begun filling all of that out. I can't believe it's almost mid-August and we'll be meeting this kiddo in just about 2 months...

Friday, August 8, 2014

our week/lately

It's been quite the week! In addition to getting #3's maternity pictures and Elden's 2-year pictures done, we've:
served as an ottoman/snuggled... those feet though!
-celebrated Elden with our families in a firetruck themed birthday - he was spoiled rotten and every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he asks to play with his toys
-gone to a parade
-had help from Jon's dad and brother to get a significant (I'd say 70%) portion of the nursery painted (thank you, thank you, thank you)
-found out we needed to replace the hot water heater (and taken showers/baths at a friend's house until it gets replaced today hopefully--thank you Cyndy!--as well as the old fashioned way a la pots and pots and pots of boiled water poured into the tub)
-gone to Memphis Kiddie Park
-worked on several DIY wall art projects for the nursery (another post on these when we're all done)
-played outside
-begun planning a Noonday trunk show (more on this later as this is still about 2 months away)
-had several dance parties to "Wobble" by Family Force 5 and the Elmo Slide
-begun potty training... kinda
-started to plan out our freezer meal strategy for post-baby

Suffice to say we are tired, relieved, and content. Elden loves his baby doll that we got him for his birthday and asks to take it with us to the store or outside, and is constantly rocking or kissing or singing to it. Whether or not this affection will translate to a living, breathing, crying, attention-demanding little person remains to be seen, but it leaves our hearts full for the moment. Happy weekend, friends.

Monday, August 4, 2014

elden's 2-year pictures

As part of our maternity pictures, Amanda also took a bunch of pictures to commemorate Elden turning 2 since his birthday was the next day. I am absolutely in love:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

two years old

Two. TWO! I can't believe it. At two years old, Elden's imagination is in full bloom. Every day he throws "parades" where he marches around in circles and demands you join him, wave to him, drum, etc. Everything is his fire truck or police car--he will make the siren noises and say "blink blink!" the way the lights do. Reading with us is one of Elden's favorite activities and we read at least 10-20 books per day with him. He has fully transitioned into his big boy bed in his big boy room to make way for the baby in the nursery. Elden has an enthusiasm for life that I could only dream of--when we go to get him in the mornings he smiles ear to ear and gives us big hugs and kisses before playing with his toys or reading a book like it's the greatest day of his life. Elden officially has all of his baby teeth and received the highest of honors (a sticker) at the pediatric dentist. He is an extremely passionate tiny human and feels all the feels like his mama--from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, you will almost certainly be aware of what sort of mood he's in within two seconds of being in his presence. Elden LOVES saying hi to strangers when we're out and about but the second they say hi back or ask him how he is he clams up--an obvious combination of his mama's extrovert and his dada's introvert. He enjoys showers, the Memphis Kiddie Park, and playing with his friends. He's also got a bit of a teenager (twonager) side--the one day following his nap he wanted me to get him but I was at work so Jon went in and sat on his carpet. This was unsatisfactory and Elden promptly said, "no, Da!" and walked over to Jon, took him by the hand, led him out of his bedroom, shut the door, and sit on his bed to privately ponder all that exists in our universe. Don't let the occasional stubborn streak fool you, though--Elden is a total lovebird and is oft generous with unsolicited cuddles, hugs and kisses. This age is the best and we love Elden so much.

Notable Eldenisms:
"Our friends at the waterpark. I hold Cici's hand. It was nice." - about spending time at Wildwater Kingdom with our pals (he is absolutely smitten with Cici)
Me: Elden, do you want this to be your room? Elden: No! That's *points to nursery* my room.
*we just discovered that "stop it, Da!" sounds an awful lot like the song he's been making me sing that we coined "da-ba-da"
*when we ask him what he wants for breakfast: "Tootsie roll! Fruit snacks! Candy!"
"Too tired. Too shy. Too sick." - rapid-fire excuses for things he doesn't feel like doing (aka: everything)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

#3's maternity pictures

A sweet friend, Amanda, offered to take some maternity pictures with us to commemorate #3's pregnancy. We quickly took her up on that offer. Unfortunately, Elden wasn't *terribly* cooperative so we didn't get quite as many of the 3 (4?) of us as we had all hoped but the ones we did get are fantastic!
Thank you so much, Amanda!!