Monday, August 11, 2014

30 weeks

...and so over it
Week: 30. 75% done. Oy.
Baby is the size of:  A cucumber.
Weight gain: Up 8-9 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
Cravings: Sub sandwiches. Milkshakes. 

Sleep:  Now averaging 2-3 bathroom trips per night.
Movement: I usually have no need to do kick counts. We're cooking another mover and shaker. The main difference between this one and Elden is that Elden was moving pretty consistently every day. This one goes through days with fewer movements followed up by days of constant movement.
Symptoms:  My biggest complaint, hands down, is the pelvic pain. I feel like my pelvis is going to split in half vertically at any given moment but it is especially bad at night/when I need to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. My OB said there's nothing I can do for it which is a real downer. I'm also struggling with some lower back pain, hot flashes, dizziness, and heartburn. The waddle is in full force. Third trimester probs.
Happenings: Jon is working on the nursery again this week but we didn't do anything really at all last week or over the weekend in there. We've been working on the wall art and once the walls are painted/furniture arranged I plan on beginning to wash all of our newborn and 0-3 month clothes to stock the dresser. We are trying to really soak up one-on-one time with Elden these last 10 weeks and that includes a trip to Columbus this week to visit the zoo there (weather permitting... otherwise we're going to COSI). I also get to have another ultrasound sometime between 32-36 weeks just to confirm everything looks okay since I failed the 1-hour glucose test so I'm REALLY looking forward to that. I received my FMLA paperwork for maternity leave and have begun filling all of that out. I can't believe it's almost mid-August and we'll be meeting this kiddo in just about 2 months...

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