Monday, August 25, 2014

32 weeks

Week: 32.
Baby is the size of:  A squash.
Weight gain: Just under 10 pounds.
Cravings: Sub sandwiches. Sarku Japan.
Sleep:  Hit or miss. Some nights I sleep really well, others I toss and turn all night. 
Movement: Stabby! I don't remember Elden causing as much physical pain as #3 does. This one seriously feels like it has wolverine hands. 
Symptoms:  The heartburn subsided overall for about a week and a half but is back with a vengeance. I'm also experiencing quite a few Braxton Hicks. Looking back, I don't think I ever really had them with Elden (even though I wanted to believe I did). I'm certain these are BHs though after talking with a few other expectant mamas due in October. In addition, pelvic and lower back pain are pretty brutal right now. 
Happenings: The nursery is thisclose to being done spare the little details (slipcover for rocking chair cushions, curtains, changing pad cover, diaper organizer, etc.) and I am so relieved. At the very least we have the shell of the room there and it is inhabitable! Next on the list is sorting through Elden's old clothes and have washing them. Furthermore, a few friends threw me a small baby sprinkle over the weekend and we were blessed with lots of gifts for #3 (thank you to everyone who came and celebrated this life with us!). I've also made a few options for birth announcements that I'm really excited for so all I have to do is add stats and a picture of the baby when the time comes. My next OB appointment is in a week so I'm thinking at that point I'll know when our next ultrasound is. I can't believe we (hopefully) have less than 8 weeks left til we meet this kiddo.

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