Friday, August 8, 2014

our week/lately

It's been quite the week! In addition to getting #3's maternity pictures and Elden's 2-year pictures done, we've:
served as an ottoman/snuggled... those feet though!
-celebrated Elden with our families in a firetruck themed birthday - he was spoiled rotten and every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he asks to play with his toys
-gone to a parade
-had help from Jon's dad and brother to get a significant (I'd say 70%) portion of the nursery painted (thank you, thank you, thank you)
-found out we needed to replace the hot water heater (and taken showers/baths at a friend's house until it gets replaced today hopefully--thank you Cyndy!--as well as the old fashioned way a la pots and pots and pots of boiled water poured into the tub)
-gone to Memphis Kiddie Park
-worked on several DIY wall art projects for the nursery (another post on these when we're all done)
-played outside
-begun planning a Noonday trunk show (more on this later as this is still about 2 months away)
-had several dance parties to "Wobble" by Family Force 5 and the Elmo Slide
-begun potty training... kinda
-started to plan out our freezer meal strategy for post-baby

Suffice to say we are tired, relieved, and content. Elden loves his baby doll that we got him for his birthday and asks to take it with us to the store or outside, and is constantly rocking or kissing or singing to it. Whether or not this affection will translate to a living, breathing, crying, attention-demanding little person remains to be seen, but it leaves our hearts full for the moment. Happy weekend, friends.

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