Sunday, August 3, 2014

two years old

Two. TWO! I can't believe it. At two years old, Elden's imagination is in full bloom. Every day he throws "parades" where he marches around in circles and demands you join him, wave to him, drum, etc. Everything is his fire truck or police car--he will make the siren noises and say "blink blink!" the way the lights do. Reading with us is one of Elden's favorite activities and we read at least 10-20 books per day with him. He has fully transitioned into his big boy bed in his big boy room to make way for the baby in the nursery. Elden has an enthusiasm for life that I could only dream of--when we go to get him in the mornings he smiles ear to ear and gives us big hugs and kisses before playing with his toys or reading a book like it's the greatest day of his life. Elden officially has all of his baby teeth and received the highest of honors (a sticker) at the pediatric dentist. He is an extremely passionate tiny human and feels all the feels like his mama--from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, you will almost certainly be aware of what sort of mood he's in within two seconds of being in his presence. Elden LOVES saying hi to strangers when we're out and about but the second they say hi back or ask him how he is he clams up--an obvious combination of his mama's extrovert and his dada's introvert. He enjoys showers, the Memphis Kiddie Park, and playing with his friends. He's also got a bit of a teenager (twonager) side--the one day following his nap he wanted me to get him but I was at work so Jon went in and sat on his carpet. This was unsatisfactory and Elden promptly said, "no, Da!" and walked over to Jon, took him by the hand, led him out of his bedroom, shut the door, and sit on his bed to privately ponder all that exists in our universe. Don't let the occasional stubborn streak fool you, though--Elden is a total lovebird and is oft generous with unsolicited cuddles, hugs and kisses. This age is the best and we love Elden so much.

Notable Eldenisms:
"Our friends at the waterpark. I hold Cici's hand. It was nice." - about spending time at Wildwater Kingdom with our pals (he is absolutely smitten with Cici)
Me: Elden, do you want this to be your room? Elden: No! That's *points to nursery* my room.
*we just discovered that "stop it, Da!" sounds an awful lot like the song he's been making me sing that we coined "da-ba-da"
*when we ask him what he wants for breakfast: "Tootsie roll! Fruit snacks! Candy!"
"Too tired. Too shy. Too sick." - rapid-fire excuses for things he doesn't feel like doing (aka: everything)

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