Monday, September 22, 2014

36 weeks

Week: 36.
Baby is the size of:  A honeydew.
Weight gain: Let's not talk about this.
Cravings: Sandwiches. All things carbs. Rice Crispies treats.
Sleep:  Not great, but a little better than my last update.
Movement: Creepy. I saw what looked to be a chicken wing make its way across my stomach the other day. No joke, the thing protruded a good 2" from my normal bump.
Symptoms:  Still getting new stretch marks, although not at the magnitude they appeared with Elden. I'm pretty confident baby dropped about a week ago which means good things for my heartburn but bad things for my pelvic pain. Sore lower back. I've also had a headache for about 2 weeks now but we've basically ruled out pre-eclampsia and believe it's sinus-related. Braxton Hicks contractions still.
Happenings: 36-week appointment today for strep B test. I doubt my OB will check for any dilation at this point. We've started packing our bags and are working on the game plan for coordinating care for Elden when this kiddo arrives. Elden has been a lot clingier the past few days so it could be a fluke or perhaps he can sense the days of his only childhood are nearing their end. I'm on weekly appointments now and I'm hoping this kiddo arrives on his or her own around 38-39 weeks. Less than 1 month until my due date which is kind of surreal. Other than that it's mostly the waiting game at this point...

Monday, September 15, 2014

35 week ultrasound

Since I failed my 1-hour gestational diabetes test but passed my 3-hour, my OB wanted to do an ultrasound around the 35 week mark to make sure everything looked okay and that I didn't actually have undetected GD. We had it this morning and I'm so glad we got to see baby again because at my 20-week scan #3 was pretty uncooperative. Baby was pretty uncooperative this time too--the tech couldn't even do a gender assessment for her records because #3 had its legs crossed tight--so we didn't get very many pictures of note, but we did get this 3D shot of the baby's face head-on:
-baby has a head full of hair - we could see it floating in the fluid
-baby LOVES sticking out its tongue and putting its hand in its mouth
-baby was also bent at the waist, just like at the 20 week scan, so its feet were by its face too
-baby totally looks like it has Elden's nose and Jon's lips
-when it wasn't sucking on a hand, #3 was playing with its toes
-baby is measuring ahead: I'm 34 weeks 6 days but it was measuring 36 weeks 1 day - this would put my EDD at October 11 instead of October 21... but I doubt my OB will change my EDD since they are normally +/- 2 weeks
-fluid level was at 11, I believe she said normal was 8-24, so I am within the normal range but on the lower end of normal

I have my weekly OB appointment tomorrow afternoon so I should get a better idea then of whether my doctor might bump up my due date but I'm really not holding my breath. In any case, it was fun to see this little one moving and I think we're going to have our hands full come October...

Friday, September 12, 2014

big brother in training

The past two weeks, we have been attending a young families small group at our church. A lot of Elden's friends from the toddler room on Sundays are there so he gets to socialize with kids and Jon and I get to have fellowship with their parents (bliss). One couple has a sweet new boy, Ethan, and both weeks Elden has been equally obsessed with looking at "the baby." This week, Ethan's mama Kristina offered to let Elden hold Ethan. We asked Elden if this is something he wanted to do (met with an enthusiastic "yeah!") so we set him up on the couch.

From the moment Ethan was placed in Elden's lap, Elden had this look [of sheer terror] on his face:
His eyes got bigger with each moment that passed and the realization that he was holding another little person set in. Needless to say, the relief was palpable when Kristina picked Ethan back up. I shouldn't have been surprised--at one point Elden said that holding a baby was "too dangerous" when we asked him if he would hold our baby when it comes (and we have absolutely no idea where he got this idea as we've never said anything of that nature to him)--but it's good to know what to expect when #3 does arrive. Our big boy will be extra cautious with this baby!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

ten on ten

I always loved seeing other blogger's ten pictures on the tenth of each month and had every intention to join up. I also always forgot to on the tenth. Not yesterday!

Most of my work day was spent tracing femur, patella and tibia for multibody dynamics purposes.
If you saw the color of the water that comes out of the drinking fountain in my building at work you would understand how freaking excited I was to see this happy baby show up in the kitchen. 
The third trimester is officially kicking my butt. Hard. I had a really rough night and ended up going in late yesterday morning because I was so overwhelmed emotionally and spent physically. 
We were under tornado warnings for a good portion of the afternoon. Luckily we evaded most of the severe weather. 
This guy hates storms and watched the radar intently because he definitely recognized the frequency of the word 'storm' being dropped.
Not pictured: the three of us, outside, jumping in puddles just a few moments later. 
Jon made spinach artichoke chicken for dinner and it was so freaking good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 
Elden's favorite part about bath time is his paint. We got these at Big Lots for $7 and they were worth every penny.
No rest for the wicked: with the clock ticking down til baby's arrival I am taking advantage of every opportunity to finish the nursery that I can.
Sweet, sweet reprieve. I never realized how nice it is to kick my feet up until I started carrying all this extra weight.Take note of my fancy fall nail polish...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

on being a working mom

This has been sitting heavily on my heart the last few months as I've heard some comments made by stay at home moms aimed towards both myself and some of my friends who are (Christian) working moms. I struggled to find the right words to share, but after some time to reflect I think I'm ready.

I think there's a gross cultural misinterpretation of the Bible that often results in Christian females (which is kind of ironic given the growing popularity of feminism, especially in Christian circles, as of late) shaming fellow Christian females for working when they have children in the home.

For our particular situation, even if I wanted to be a stay at home mom, it just would not be financially possible. If we were to go that route we would certainly require public assistance and I know there's an entirely different (gross) perception of individuals needing public assistance held by a lot of the church community. That being said, Jon and I have discussed my working outside of the home at length since he switched to being a stay at home dad and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a very good stay at home mom. It's not that I don't love Elden or being a nurturer to him, but I am just not very good at the hands-on learning and stimulation thing. I try to get down and play with him when he asks or draw him what he requests but it's not something I can really do for a long period of time. Is it selfish? Kind of. But that's just not how I was wired. Jon, on the other hand, thrives with little people. Personally, I attribute that to his introversion--it's a lot easier to talk to a kid than an adult. There's no judgement, no pressure to know all the facts, but I digress. In any case, Elden has absolutely grown leaps and bounds in the few months since Jon started staying home with him during the week. He can count to 11, say his ABC's, and is blowing us away by the things he is capable of understanding. I'd be totally lying if I said I thought he would be thriving this much if I were to stay home.

I think a lot of the 'women must stay home with their children' notion is just passed down by word of mouth--I once sat through a sermon as a high schooler that went so far as to say a husband who does not provide for his family financially is putting undue stress on his wife and is sinning. Titus 2:4-5 is often taken as the mantra of the few who can actually point to scripture that supports the stay at home mom notion. Often overlooked, however, is the wife of noble character (Proverbs 31:10-31). That wife is clearly a hard worker--she even buys property with her own earnings. She cares for her children, husband and house and both her children and husband praise her. She was clearly, at least to some extent, a working mom and it worked for their family. And the Bible is totally cool with it, even going so far as to call it noble. 

Onto the whole Jon being a stay at home dad thing: I know he has struggled immensely with the cultural perceptions this entails, but especially the Christian perception of his new role in our family. I've asked him to write a post for here about how Christians often view stay at home fathers and he is considering it. But in case he decides not to (and to show a little bit of gratitude for all he does in our family) I wanted to make it a point that just because his main role in our family is inside our house that does not make him any less of a leader of our family (Ephesians 5:23). He teaches Elden (and me!) so much each day about life, Christianity, having a servant's heart, strength, perseverance, humility, and love that it really blows me away. Our son is absolutely thriving in his care. I still completely respect his opinions and decisions about finances and the big life decisions. Does he help around the house? Absolutely. Does that somehow make him less of a man? I'd say it's the opposite--he is tasked with loving me (Ephesians 5:28) and he does so by decreasing the burden of our home responsibilities. And to top it all off--he does still work on the weekends to help with finances. This is a man who works 7 days a week--five just happen to be in the home. Furthermore, he mentioned it during Sunday school (we were talking about our identity being in Christ and how that comes into play in the workplace) this week, but a Christian's identity shouldn't be their occupation; an extreme example would be if someone asked you what you did for a living, your natural response should be, "I am a follower of Christ... who happens to [teach/work as an engineer/stay at home parent/etc.]." This is radical thinking and just another way that Jon amazes me day in and day out with his wisdom.

I know our situation is different than others, such as both parents working with childcare being solely outside of the home. I'm not saying that anything in particular is more right in the eyes of God--both parents working, one parent working, etc. What I'm saying is that we need to stop shaming one another for making decisions that work well for our families since there's no real Biblical support to back up the shame. I choose to work. I love my husband and children fiercely. I'd like to think they know that. My identity is in Christ. I am not any less of a Christian or wife or mother for making the decision to provide for my family financially. So please stop treating me like I'm not doing "the right thing."

Monday, September 8, 2014

34 weeks

Week: 34.
Baby is the size of:  A cantaloupe.
Weight gain: Just under 14 pounds.
Cravings: Sandwiches. Chips and dip. Watermelon.
Sleep:  No bueno. 2-3 bathroom trips per night, insane heartburn and pelvic pain keep me up.
Movement: Insane. I'm pretty sure #3 flipped to breech for a few days there but is now back in position. I've seen lots of feet move across the belly.
Symptoms:  SPD. Nearly constant heartburn. Bloody noses. Also... stretch marks. I honestly didn't think it was even possible given the fact my belly was one giant stretch mark from Elden, but as a friend of mine put it, it's like matryoshka dolls with stretch marks. Inception stretchmarks, if you will. Stretch marks upon stretch marks upon stretch marks. I'm thrilled.
Happenings: All we have left to do in the nursery is paint/hang the doors, hang up pictures, make a mobile and finish off the curtain rod finials. It's definitely a room I can take a baby home to though! I'm so so happy with how it turned out. I also have the hospital bag about 50% packed which is a relief since we have (hopefully) less than 6 weeks til we meet this baby. We have everything we *need* now except I might look into a replacement diaper bag (maybe something like this since ours is worse for the wear) and this hoodie for our ERGO since I suspect we will be doing a lot of baby wearing this go around.We also have our big ultrasound with the high risk doctor on Monday morning just to make sure I didn't actually have gestational diabetes although I'm not really sure what they will do differently if they suspect they missed it? I don't think that's the case, but we'll see. I'm hoping to get some good face pictures of this kiddo, though!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Jon: Elden, when do you want to sit on the big boy potty?
Elden: Never.

(when I asked him for a hug before work): Can't. Too* pooping right now.
*His misuse of 'too' is one of my favorite things about this stage of speech. He misuses 'too' at least five times a day.

Jon: Want to drive the car?
Me: Want to drive the car, Bud?
Elden: Dada said 'no.'
(while running around in circles, when nearing you): Here my comes!

(while at the playground, trying to go up the jungle gym): See my climbing!?

Me: Want to cuddle?
Elden: No, stinky armpit Mama.

Me: Do you want the baby to come out?
Elden: No. Baby stay in there.

Me: When the baby comes out, do you want to hold it?
Elden: No, too dangerous.