Monday, September 15, 2014

35 week ultrasound

Since I failed my 1-hour gestational diabetes test but passed my 3-hour, my OB wanted to do an ultrasound around the 35 week mark to make sure everything looked okay and that I didn't actually have undetected GD. We had it this morning and I'm so glad we got to see baby again because at my 20-week scan #3 was pretty uncooperative. Baby was pretty uncooperative this time too--the tech couldn't even do a gender assessment for her records because #3 had its legs crossed tight--so we didn't get very many pictures of note, but we did get this 3D shot of the baby's face head-on:
-baby has a head full of hair - we could see it floating in the fluid
-baby LOVES sticking out its tongue and putting its hand in its mouth
-baby was also bent at the waist, just like at the 20 week scan, so its feet were by its face too
-baby totally looks like it has Elden's nose and Jon's lips
-when it wasn't sucking on a hand, #3 was playing with its toes
-baby is measuring ahead: I'm 34 weeks 6 days but it was measuring 36 weeks 1 day - this would put my EDD at October 11 instead of October 21... but I doubt my OB will change my EDD since they are normally +/- 2 weeks
-fluid level was at 11, I believe she said normal was 8-24, so I am within the normal range but on the lower end of normal

I have my weekly OB appointment tomorrow afternoon so I should get a better idea then of whether my doctor might bump up my due date but I'm really not holding my breath. In any case, it was fun to see this little one moving and I think we're going to have our hands full come October...

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