Friday, September 12, 2014

big brother in training

The past two weeks, we have been attending a young families small group at our church. A lot of Elden's friends from the toddler room on Sundays are there so he gets to socialize with kids and Jon and I get to have fellowship with their parents (bliss). One couple has a sweet new boy, Ethan, and both weeks Elden has been equally obsessed with looking at "the baby." This week, Ethan's mama Kristina offered to let Elden hold Ethan. We asked Elden if this is something he wanted to do (met with an enthusiastic "yeah!") so we set him up on the couch.

From the moment Ethan was placed in Elden's lap, Elden had this look [of sheer terror] on his face:
His eyes got bigger with each moment that passed and the realization that he was holding another little person set in. Needless to say, the relief was palpable when Kristina picked Ethan back up. I shouldn't have been surprised--at one point Elden said that holding a baby was "too dangerous" when we asked him if he would hold our baby when it comes (and we have absolutely no idea where he got this idea as we've never said anything of that nature to him)--but it's good to know what to expect when #3 does arrive. Our big boy will be extra cautious with this baby!

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