Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Jon: Elden, when do you want to sit on the big boy potty?
Elden: Never.

(when I asked him for a hug before work): Can't. Too* pooping right now.
*His misuse of 'too' is one of my favorite things about this stage of speech. He misuses 'too' at least five times a day.

Jon: Want to drive the car?
Me: Want to drive the car, Bud?
Elden: Dada said 'no.'
(while running around in circles, when nearing you): Here my comes!

(while at the playground, trying to go up the jungle gym): See my climbing!?

Me: Want to cuddle?
Elden: No, stinky armpit Mama.

Me: Do you want the baby to come out?
Elden: No. Baby stay in there.

Me: When the baby comes out, do you want to hold it?
Elden: No, too dangerous.

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