Thursday, September 11, 2014

ten on ten

I always loved seeing other blogger's ten pictures on the tenth of each month and had every intention to join up. I also always forgot to on the tenth. Not yesterday!

Most of my work day was spent tracing femur, patella and tibia for multibody dynamics purposes.
If you saw the color of the water that comes out of the drinking fountain in my building at work you would understand how freaking excited I was to see this happy baby show up in the kitchen. 
The third trimester is officially kicking my butt. Hard. I had a really rough night and ended up going in late yesterday morning because I was so overwhelmed emotionally and spent physically. 
We were under tornado warnings for a good portion of the afternoon. Luckily we evaded most of the severe weather. 
This guy hates storms and watched the radar intently because he definitely recognized the frequency of the word 'storm' being dropped.
Not pictured: the three of us, outside, jumping in puddles just a few moments later. 
Jon made spinach artichoke chicken for dinner and it was so freaking good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 
Elden's favorite part about bath time is his paint. We got these at Big Lots for $7 and they were worth every penny.
No rest for the wicked: with the clock ticking down til baby's arrival I am taking advantage of every opportunity to finish the nursery that I can.
Sweet, sweet reprieve. I never realized how nice it is to kick my feet up until I started carrying all this extra weight.Take note of my fancy fall nail polish...

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