Monday, October 6, 2014

38 weeks

Week: 38.
Baby is the size of:  A leek.
Weight gain: As of last week, up approximately 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Not sure about this week.  
Cravings: Milkshakes. Chips and queso.  
Sleep:  Definitely at the end of the pregnancy. At least 2 bathroom trips per night and the baby wakes me up frequently with the sensation of it trying to escape through my abdomen. It's pleasant.  
Movement: Jon got to see the terrifying behavior of #3 pushing appendages out of my belly skin with all its might. We legitimately saw the outline of a foot the other night. I'm pretty sure he was traumatized. Suffice to say... lots and lots of movement.  
Symptoms:  Stretch marks. Braxton Hicks. I had a few hours of practice labor last week where I was getting contractions every 2.5 minutes for about 4 hours straight, but I just knew that wasn't 'it' so we never went in to be monitored. Heartburn is back and raging. Nesting is still quite apparent as I want to clean and organize everything.  
Happenings: Fingertip dilated, although if I'm being real, I think this is just my OB's way of trying to politely say, "your child is never going to come out but we can pretend because I feel sorry for you." 25% effaced. This was the case at both 36 and 37 weeks, despite the 4 hours of practice labor. I have another appointment this morning and expect 0 changes in the Azkaban Prison that is my cervix. Realized our infant carseat is part of the Graco buckle recall so I ordered the replacement buckle last night... which will be here in 6-8 weeks. Oops. No fears! The one we have isn't unsafe for a few weeks (it might just become difficult to unclip) so we don't need an entirely new carseat. Speaking of.. we should probably install the carseat. And finish packing our bags. Not that this kid is coming out on its own. 

I'm just a beacon of optimism these days.

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  1. Azkaban prison...I laughed out loud at that one. Ugh. I remember the final days. The anticipation is so high and you're close but not close enough (as in not currently crowning). Hang in there. Love you.