Monday, October 20, 2014

40 weeks

Week: 40.
Baby is the size of:  A big rig jackfruit.   
Weight gain: If I had to guess, I think my total gain is right around 35 pounds with this one, similar to Elden.  
Cravings: Getting this baby out. Cookie dough ice cream. Kit Kats.
Sleep:  I definitely think it was worse with Elden. But it definitely hasn't been great.
Movement: Baby doesn't move much during the day but once 8 pm swings around it's a little rave in there. #3 knows just how to leave me on edge during the day.
Symptoms:  Stretch marks. Heartburn. The pelvic pain is back and crazy intense. I also have a ton of pressure everywhere below my belly button. Contractions here or there but nothing that makes me genuinely think "this is it." To be honest I'm floored this baby isn't falling out based on how I feel.
Happenings: I cheated and did this update Sunday night because Monday (late) morning is my fluid ultrasound so I'm not going into work until after (and hoping... not at all... due to low fluids & needing to be induced, just like with Elden). I want to relish in the last moments as a family of 3 in case I do get sent to the hospital for an induction following my appointment, and I know that if I discover I *don't* need induced I am going to be a disaster and will not want to do the 40-week update, either. I chose the text "great vibes" for this week's picture because booooy do we need some great vibes. I am physically and emotionally spent and so beyond ready to meet this baby. Also, I really should have kept a tally because at least 20 strangers have told me I'm having a boy (most were at the mall, a handful were Arby's workers, so on and so forth) and if I happen to be right and it is a girl I will do the most epic "I told ya" dance ever witnessed. I might even throw the earth off its gravitational axis for a hot second. And if I'm wrong I'll happily eat a slice of humble pie (and also, real pie) because I will love that boy just as much. So yeah. Please be praying for us- either that we get to meet this baby within the next 36 hours or that I will not murder everyone in my path and need admitted on a 5150 hold because I do not need induced and will be expected to be pregnant for the rest of my ever loving life.

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  1. Mama, you look amazing! All belly! For what it's worth, my guess is boy. ;)

    Praying for you guys as you anxiously await this little babe's arrival.