Tuesday, October 7, 2014

eldenisms (part 2)

To the cat, who was sitting on the window sill and peering outside: Cat! Cat! LOOK AT ME!

Jon: Are you happy right now?
Elden: No. Not happy at all.

To me, as I tried to slyly sip some Cherry Coke at lunch, with his head cocked to one side and his inquisitive high pitched voice: What ya drinking, mommy?

His first prayer ever, which he began while Jon was changing his diaper: Thank you for seeing church. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for Daniel Tiger.

After picking a booger: Got it. It on my fingernail.

Me, whenever I have him completely undressed after he first wakes up, sans diaper: Elden, please come here so I can put your diaper on.
(Elden, dancing): No, not. Too dancing right now.

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