Wednesday, November 26, 2014

christmas came early

I loathe every inch of our kitchen. The layout is awful, we have minimal cabinet space and even less counter space. In all seriousness, with the cooking utensils between the sink and stove and the drying rack to the right of the sink, the only counter space we had was a little microwave cart we bought (and was subsequently covered with junk, always).

Jon's parents recently remodeled their kitchen and while they waited for their custom island they bought a temporary one. Now that their island is almost done, they gifted us their temporary island. It essentially quadrupled our existing counter space and provided us extra cabinet space. I went crazy for about an hour and a half nesting and rearranging and I am so stinking excited for our newly reworked kitchen!
notice the space that is now open between the sink and stove
all those snacks were next to the spice rack before
I am seriously excited! Now we just need to finish painting the unfinished cabinets. Perhaps one day we will be able to afford to upgrade the light fixture, cabinet faces and, if I'm dreaming extra big, the entire layout of the kitchen...

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