Tuesday, November 11, 2014

edith: 3 weeks old

age: three weeks old
stats: 10 pounds 2 ounces
firsts: bath in the big tub, time in her swing
milestones: diagnosed with reflux, starting to really try to hold her head up on her own, can roll to her side most of the time
goings-on: goings have been tough lately. edith's reflux is wearing us all out. we just got her baby zantac today but are trying to hold off on using it to see if me cutting dairy out of my diet makes a difference. edith has been awake more each day which means nights are [usually] decent but days can be rough. elden still loves his little sister and is pretty protective of her / loves showering her with kisses. this week we celebrate jon's 27th birthday and today marks halfway through my maternity leave...



    Hang in there with the reflux, mama. IT. IS. TOUGH. Just a heads up: It is normal to take a full 1-2 weeks of consistent, full dosage of the meds to really see an improvement. Also, it may take some trial and error to find the RIGHT medication (Zantac did nothing for Ellie, but the generic form of Prevacid worked wonders). And as Edith continues to grow the dosage will most likely need to be tweaked. I don't say all this to discourage you, rather, these are things I wish I had known in Ellie's early days of reflux.

    Also, we used a product called Colic Calm to help with tummy troubles and it also immensely helped.

    1. I am totally cool with unsolicited advice, Jess :)

      We talked to the pediatrician and he called in a prescription for Prevacid. I went to pick it up today but they hadn't called it in yet... that being said, without her second dose of the Zantac last night Edith had a MUCH better night. It still wasn't perfect because it was clear she was refluxing again, but it was infinitely better than the night prior. Hoping the Prevacid is 'the one' but if not we are preparing ourselves for additional trial and error :)