Wednesday, November 19, 2014

edith: 4 weeks old

age: four weeks old
stats: probably in the neighborhood of 10.5 pounds
firsts: bottle, snow
milestones: she doesn't hate her bath anymore!
goings-on: i've been dairy-free for about a week and a half now (i think?) and either edith is outgrowing her reflux rapidly or cutting dairy out has helped calm it significantly. in any case, we abandoned medications because the zantac greatly upset her tummy and the prevacid cost $40/script copay. there was a mix-up with the ped and the pharmacy and in the two days we waited to find out it was a $40 copay she had really decent days so we decided to hold off on filling it. it seems to be a good decision because we've had 3 consecutive decent days and nights and it was all without drugs! (except yesterday and today kinda stunk). we also started giving edith the bottle during the day and i think that might be contributing to our decent days; her latch when nursing is terrible and she does much better with the bottle so she has been significantly less gassy. elden still adores her and she is a much happier baby these days on the whole. 

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